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The NAFA® 87 Day Waiting Period Calculator
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* Date of the last day of the tournament in which the dog earned NAFA® points with its old club, on a regular or multibreed team.
** Date displayed is the first date the dog could be listed on a regular or multibreed C.2 form, with the dog's new club.

From the NAFA Rulebook --
Section 7.5 – Changing Clubs

(a) If a dog has earned points with a NAFA® Club in a NAFA® sanctioned tournament, the dog may not be listed on a time sheet for any other class other than the Veterans or Open class with a different NAFA® Club for a period of 87 days. The 87 day wait period shall begin the day after the end date of the last day of a tournament in which the dog earned NAFA® points. The dog will be eligible to be listed on a time sheet with a different club in a class of competition that starts the day after the 87 day waiting period. A dog must be eligible to race at the beginning of a class of competition to be included on the time sheet.
Any dog(s) listed in violation of this rule will cause the forfeiture of all NAFA® points earned during the tournament for all dogs on the time sheet. The team with the dog violating this rule will also forfeit any tournament placement.
(b) The 87 day rule stated in paragraph 7.5 (a) above does not apply to the Veterans or Open classes. A dog running in the Veterans or Open class shall retain its existing club affiliation.
(c) Performance Teams may include dogs that otherwise would be ineligible to compete because the dog earned points on another club’s team within the preceding 87 days, as prohibited in subsection (a) above. This exception is subject to the following terms, conditions and requirements:

(i) NAFA® Rules and Policies Apply. Clubs, teams, dogs and participants on Performance Teams remain subject to and governed by all of the provisions of the NAFA® Rules of Racing and Corporate Policies and Procedures, except as specifically set forth below.
(ii) When a team in the multibreed class declares performance, the requirement of four different breeds set forth in Section 6.2(d) does not apply.
(iii) Conversion to Performance Team Entry. With the permission of the Tournament Director for cause shown, a team entered in a regular or non-regular class may be converted from its original status to a Performance Team entry prior to the start of the tournament. The intent of this conversion privilege is to allow teams that have already entered a tournament but who, for unforeseen reasons, find themselves unable to field a complete team, to run for points with a dog or dogs from another club. “Cause” shall include but not be limited to circumstances such as dog injury, illness, or other unforeseen situation. A team may not enter a tournament as a Performance Team.
(iv) Performance Team Status Declared. A team’s status as a Performance Team entry shall be clearly shown on the team’s time sheet and declared prior to the start of racing. The team’s status as a Performance Team shall be disclosed on the seeding list prepared and circulated by the host club prior to the tournament and/or at the captain’s meeting before the racing starts. Once a team is declared to be a Performance Team, its status does not change, even if the non-club dog(s) listed on the time sheet do not earn any points.
(v) Club Affiliation. A dog’s club affiliation is not affected by reason of running on a Performance Team.
(vi) Other Classes or Time Sheets. A dog that is listed on a time sheet for a Performance Team may be listed on the time sheet for one additional team provided the entry is on a team in another class, except in circumstances where a second entry would be prohibited by Sections 6.2(f), (g) or (h) of the NAFA® Policies and Procedures.
(vii) Placements and Awards. A Performance Team is not eligible for tournament awards or placements. A Performance Team will not be awarded any wins in any races or heats. A team racing against a Performance Team must complete the minimum number of heats in order to record a win. In an elimination event, Performance Teams shall be placed at the bottom of the elimination brackets, with the Performance Teams being ranked by time among themselves by seed time in the event more than one Performance Team is in the elimination schedule.
(viii) Record Times, NAFA® Seed Times, and Championships. A Performance Team is not eligible to set a NAFA® world record. The rules governing world records stated in Section 7.2 of the Corporate Policies and Procedures do not apply to Performance Teams. Times set by a Performance Team shall be recorded on the time sheet for purposes of calculating points earned by the dogs on the time sheet entered into the NAFA® Database but for no other purpose. Regardless of the regional affiliation of the club fielding the Performance Team, such teams shall be treated as out of region teams for purposes of the Rules governing Regional Championships.

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