Purchase a CRN

Each dog that races in a NAFA sanctioned tournament requires a Competition Racing Number or CRN before they compete. The CRN enables NAFA to track points accumulated by the dog and award titles as earned. The CRN, once assigned, is good for the life of the dog. Each CRN costs 25 USD and is a one-time expenditure.

Purchase a CRN by Mail

You may apply for a CRN by mail, by completing NAFA Form C.8. You can find this form online at http://www.flyball.org/rules/C8.pdf. Applications sent by mail can take 8 weeks to process.

Purchase a CRN Online

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You can purchase a CRN online. Processing will be done through PayPal, but you don't require a PayPal account.

IMPORTANT: You will receive email notification of your new CRN within one hour. Once you reach the PayPal page that says 'Thanks for your payment!', please follow directions to be redirected back to NAFA site.
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All information provided on this form will be used only by NAFA, Inc. to maintain required records of dogs registered to race in NAFA sanctioned events.