New Features and Changes for NAFA site


  1. Tournament Lists show Eligibility for Regional Points for multi and regular (see legend at bottom of page)
  2. Top 5 of Breed – navigate by first letter. Click on the breed to display top 100 dogs of breed.
  3. Title All Breeds – at a glance see how many dogs have earned each title since records have been kept. Includes all awards including above FGDCH and IRON DOG award.
  4. Team Seeding and Best Times for FY for teams now display line-up and can be sorted by rank or by club.
  5. Club Detail – dogs listed alphabetically by name
  6. Club Dog Points Detail – dogs listed alphabetically by name. Choose to show only active dogs or include inactive dogs. IRONDOG awards included.
  7. Dog Points Detail – includes IRONDOG award. Choose a printable report or export the points to Excel.
  8. Regional Points - detailed Regional Points Reports now available. Detailed reports for each tournament per region show the regional placements for each club, which clubs participated and regional points earned at each tournament. Link directly from this page to tournament details and tournament results.
  9. NAFA Champions Unofficial Report – Track the unofficial champions for each region. Report displays average of best 6 finish times.

  10. Purchasing a CRN

  11. CRNs can be purchased online using Paypal. You don’t require a Paypal account to do this - you can just use your credit card. You will receive your new CRN instantly. Just remain on the PayPal confirmation page and it will redirect you within 10 seconds to the NAFA site where your CRN will be displayed. You should also receive an email right away with your new CRN.

  12. Scoring

  13. New Scoring test page.

  14. Limited Draws

  15. New Limited Draw Screen - Tournament Secretaries, Tournament Directors or Hosting Club Owners you will first need to create a user account for the new version of the site. Please go here to sign up. Then, each time you login to the site, the list of tournaments for which you are eligible to draw will be listed for you to select.