Introducing the NAFA Board of Directors & Executive Director Nominees

  • Jan Brule, Board of Directors nominee
  • Lisa Cava, Board of Directors nominee
  • John Forseth, Board of Directors nominee
  • Kathy Haney, Board of Directors nominee
  • Emma Mak, Board of Directors nominee
  • Lynda Mantler, Board of Directors nominee
  • Aaron Robbins, Board of Directors nominee
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    Board of Directors Nominees:

    Jan Brule

    Dear NAFA Nominating Committee,

    Thank you for the opportunity to nominate a very deserving NAFA board candidate, Jan Brule of Region 3 and Minnesota's Makin' Trax Flyball team. Jan embodies many qualities that would be valuable to the NAFA board as well as the flyball community as a whole.

    Jan has an incredibly strong commitment and dedication to the North American Flyball Association, beginning as a founding member to our current team, Makin' Trax. She has since the club's beginning been a leader, mentor, encourager, and most importantly, a positive advocate for NAFA and the sport of flyball. She's earned the respect, and love, of her teammates and flyball friends.

    As one of our team's managers, Jan is dedicated to upholding the principles of NAFA and the integrity of the game. She has been our team's tournament director for over 20 years. Jan is the first to arrive, the last to leave, and takes care of the behind the scene tasks and details to run a smooth, efficient tournament. Besides tirelessly promoting the sport of flyball, Jan strives to lift the spirits of those around her. Her positive, fun, and helpful attitude is at the heart of all she does. She will cheerfully lend a helping hand, assist another team, and offer support whenever needed.

    Her canine dedication reaches beyond her flyball community. Jan has been involved in 4-H events for over 15 years. This includes serving as a canine educator, instructor in obedience and agility, and judge. She has assisted on committees that coordinate 4H events statewide. Jan's family is one of just a few 5-generation families in Minnesota.

    All Jan's experience and interpersonal skills would serve her well in a role as a NAFA board member. She is deserving of this nomination, and, as a teammate, I enthusiastically share her nomination!

    Respectfully submitted,

    Mary Amann
    NAFA Member of Makin' Trax Flyball Team


    Lisa Cava

    Dear Nominating Committee,

    I would like to nominate Lisa Cava from Hairier Jump Jets in Virginia, Region 9.

    Lisa would be an asset to the NAFA Board of Directors. She brings experience of being on on a Board. She is the Vice President of the Hairier Jump Jets. Lisa is well versed in the rules and what it takes to run tournaments. She has been a tournament director for many tournaments, at least once a year. As a tournament director, she is willing to ask for suggestions on how to make the tournament better and implement those suggestions the next year. She has convinced her teammates into traveling to more tournaments in and outside the region. She will voice her opinion or ask questions when she feels something is not right.

    With all the things mentioned above, I think Lisa would be an asset to the NAFA Board of Directors.


    Jonathan Bescher
    NAFA Supervising Judge
    NAFA Certified Measuring Judge


    John Forseth


    John Forseth

    Submitted by Sharon Anderson

    Animal Inn Flyball Team

    This letter is to submit the nomination of John Forseth, current member of the oldest registered team in NAFA flyball, for the position of Board of Directors. He has raced with Animal Inn since 2005. John is an approved NAFA judges since 2016. John has been very dedicated to flyball and has trained and raced 3 different breeds of dogs since he joined the team. John takes on the task of organizing the team practice, selecting teams submitted for tournaments and is always willing to help any team or newcomer. He has been part of the demo teams for half times of the major NBA teams in Mn which advertises the sport of Flyball. John has attended several CanAm events and has volunteered at all of them. He currently works as Assistant Director of Maintenance for a large care center/senior housing facility. Johns' giving nature is proven in the care of his dogs and the elderly.

    John has raced on both the slower teams and also the top team of Animal Inn that has won the NAFA Championship title for 2 consecutive years. This experience has made him a top candidate for the position of board member for NAFA. He is well known in the sport and would provide a voice for many regions.


    Sharon Anderson
    Founder of the Animal Inn Flyball Teams


    Kathy Haney

    I would like to nominate Kathy Haney for the Board of Directors of NAFA. She would be an excellent candidate. She has been playing flyball for 16 years. She has successfully run her own team for 10 years. Surf City's tournaments are one of the best run tournament on the west coast. She's organized, compassionate and a great leader. All these skills would help her be a great board member. The west coast needs some representation and we would be proud to have Kathy Haney represent us.

    Thank you.

    Colleen Morita
    X Flyball


    Emma Mak

    Nomination for NAFA Board of Directors

    I am pleased to nominate Emma Mak for the NAFA Board of Directors.

    Emma has already done a tremendous amount of work for NAFA and is well acquainted with the duties required of the board. She was the lead developer and technical support for the newest version of the NAFA database (established in 2013). She also designed and implemented the new online scoring system, NAFAScore. Emma previously served on the Election Committee for many years. She helped transition to the online third-party voting system, acted as moderator for the online candidate chats, tracked down delegates to make sure they received their votes, answered countless questions about the election process, and has trained new Election Committee members. She is a long time member of the Technology Committee and continues to provide technical support to board members and NAFA clubs regarding a wide range of topics, including: the database, scoring, regional points, NAFAScore, NAFA reports, and awards. This year she also served as a member of the Rules Committee.

    Besides her technical knowledge about NAFA, Emma is also an active flyball competitor. She has been a part of flyball in Ontario since 2001. Her miniature poodle, Jonah, is still ranked number seven overall in the breed. Emma has run with Push This, Extreme Chaos, and is currently a member of Spring Loaded. She served as Tournament Director and Tournament Secretary this year and is set to host two tournaments annually. Flyball is a family event for Emma. Her husband Gord and their four boys are all active in flyball. Her son, Desi, has become a regular at the score table.

    Emma Mak would be an incredible asset to the NAFA board. She has already demonstrated her willingness to work hard for our sport. Emma is poised to hit the ground running and continue her work for NAFA and the flyball community.


    Dana Nichols
    Greeley, Colorado
    Altitude Flyball


    Lynda Mantler

    I am pleased to nominate Lynda Mantler for the NAFA Board of Directors. I have known and played flyball with Lynda for 17 years and have always found her to be dependable, efficient, and punctual. She pays great attention to detail which is evident in the tournaments where she has been tournament director or tournament secretary. She always brings a unique and fun activity for everyone to take part in, when she is involved in organizing a tournament. Also, her willingness to take on difficult projects and see them to successful completion has repeatedly impressed me over the years. I feel these are attributes that will be useful serving on the NAFA board.

    As a manager in her work life she has experience with problem solving and working with many different personalities.

    During her first year on the NAFA board she has shown commitment to the responsibilities of the position. It is evident to me that her interest in serving on the board is to work for the betterment of flyball. As a collaborative person, she seeks opinions of others recognizing that a board member is a representative of the flyball community.

    Karl Braun
    Owner of Runfreeflyball #801


    Aaron Robbins

    To whom it may concern

    I would like to take this opportunity to nominate Aaron Robbins for a position on the Board of Directors.

    Aaron has competed in flyball since 1994 and is the captain of the Rocket Relay Flyball Team. He studied Animal Science at the University of Guelph and is the owner of Positive Pups Dog Training which provides daycare, boarding and training. Aaron is the tournament director for 4 tournaments annually, and travels the world teaching flyball seminars and learning about different flyball organizations.

    Aaron would bring the following strengths to the NAFA board:
    - Trouble shooting and problem solving abilities
    - Interpersonal and leadership skills
    - Customer service skills obtained from running his own business
    - Ability to be objective on important issues
    - Training and coaching skills

    If elected to the board, Aaron's areas of interest would be:
    - Help facilitate communications between competitors and NAFA.
    - Make sure new rules are looked at from all angles and consider the impact they will have
    - Discuss ways to ensure that all competitors play under fair and consistent rules
    - Contribute new ideas to help keep NAFA current
    - Offer a trainers perspective to help all dogs safely learn how to compete

    This would be Aaron's first time on the NAFA board, and he is looking forward to this new challenge. I hope you will join me in casting your vote for Aaron Robbins in the upcoming election.

    Respectfully submitted by
    Amanda Brown, Region 9 RD


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