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Celebrating over 35 years of NAFA Flyball!

The North American Flyball Association, Inc. (NAFA®) was formed in 1985 by a group representing 12 teams from Michigan and Ontario. Their goal was to standardize the rules, keep records of tournaments, and guide the development of Flyball racing.

Interest and participation in Flyball has soared since its beginning and is now enjoyed throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and other countries. NAFA currently has over 700 registered clubs with more than 16,000 registered dogs.

NAFA's purpose is to promote the rules for amateur Flyball competition, to train and approve judges, to sanction Flyball tournaments, to promote interest in the sport of Flyball, to encourage national and international Flyball competition, and to confer titles of excellence. NAFA is a nonprofit organization.

North American Flyball Association, Inc.
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