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Available from NAFA - Title Patches!

Contact your Regional Director or Regional Patch contact or Kim Davis to purchase!! Patches are $6.00 each.

In your email, please include your mailing address, which patches you need and how many of each.

Flyball Dog = 25 pts Flyball Dog Excellent = 100 pts Flyball Dog Champion = 500 pts Flyball Dog Champion - Silver = 1,000 pts Flyball Dog Champion - Gold = 2,500 pts
Flyball Master = 5,000 pts Flyball Master Excellent = 10,000 pts Flyball Master Champion = 15,000 pts Onyx = 20,000 pts Flyball Grand Champion = 30,000 pts
Flyball Grand Champion 40K Flyball Grand Champion 50K Flyball Grand Champion 60K Flyball Grand Champion 70K Flyball Grand Champion 80K
Flyball Grand Champion 90K Hobbes Award = 100,000 pts NAFA NAFA Judge  

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