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August 27, 2008

Beginning October 1st, 2008, insurance will be required for all NAFA-sanctioned tournaments.

The amended rule is as follows:

Section 6.1 - Requirements

(a) NAFA(R) sanctioned tournaments may only be hosted by NAFA(R) or NAFA(R) registered clubs in good standing. The host club must follow current NAFA(R) Rules of Racing and Corporate Policies & Procedures. Any Club in good standing may be considered for sanctioning. At least fifteen days prior to the start of a tournament held in the United States, the NAFA Tournament Sanctioning Secretary must receive a certificate of insurance listing NAFA as an additional insured for that tournament with limits of at least $1 million per occurrence. In the event the Tournament Sanctioning Secretary does not receive a certificate of insurance with coverage as stated above, the tournament sanctioning will be revoked. The first Club to apply for sanctioning with a valid sanctioning request will receive sanctioning unless the weekend meets the criteria for a reserved weekend by another Club.

NAFA recognizes that this places a financial burden on NAFA clubs hosting United States tournaments. In an effort to minimize this burden, we have researched and found coverage available through the R.V. Nuccio company ( at highly competitive rates, although insurance is available through many different companies. NAFA is not receiving any portion of these premiums. Due to the different legal and insurance environments in the United States and Canada, these requirements will not apply to events hosted in Canada at this time. We have not yet been able to find similar policies available for Canadian tournaments.

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