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According to NAFA records, the following Clubs have selected preferred regions other than their home geographic region for the present racing year:



Region 1
Michigan, Ohio
Regional Director: Dennis Filarski

Region 2
Western Ontario
Regional Director: Suzanne Brown
- Region 2 Flyball website
- Region 2 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 3
Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota
Regional Director: Dan Rode
- Region 3 Flyball website
- Region 3 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 4
Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Wisconsin
Regional Director: Ule James

Region 5
Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas
Regional Director: Steve Corona (Acting)
- Region 5 on Facebook
- Region 5 Flyball website
- Region 5 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 6
Arizona, Nevada, Utah
Regional Director: Billy Coleman

Region 7
Oregon, Washington, British Columbia
Regional Director: Dan Wood

Region 8
Manitoba, Saskatchewan
Regional Director: Peter Wesdyk

Region 9
North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
Regional Director: Amanda Brown
- Mid Atlantic Flyball Yahoo group

Region 10
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island
Regional Director: Jules Comeau
- Region 10 Flyball website

Region 11
Regional Director: Mike Pape
- Florida/Georgia Flyball Yahoo group

Region 12
Montana, Alberta, Idaho
Regional Director: John Hendriks
- Region 12 Flyball website

Region 13
Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire,
New York, Rhode Island, Vermont

Regional Director: Cindy Henderson
- Region 13 Flyball website

Region 14
Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Mississippi
Regional Director: Jane Kline

Region 15
Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey
Regional Director: Bill Bunting
- Region 15 Flyball website
- Region 15 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 16
Regional Directors:
Northern California Candis Amasalian,
Southern California Dave Gillett
Region 16 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 17
Regional Director: Lee Heighton

Region 18
Regional Director: Stacy Smith
- Region 18 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 19
Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming
Regional Director: Terry McClean
- Region 19 website
- Region 19 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 20
Eastern Ontario, Quebec
Regional Director: Natalie Cornell

Region 21
Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska
Regional Director: Jayne McQuillen
- Region 21 on Facebook
- Region 21 Flyball Yahoo group

Region 22
Newfoundland and Labrador
Regional Director: Lee Heighton

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