North American Flyball Association Champions

2016 NAFA Champions - Regular
Instant Replay (Region 2)
2016 NAFA Champions - Multibreed
Crazy Train (Region 6)

Past NAFA Champions

Year Regular Champion Multibreed Champion
2015 Animal Inn (Region 3) Fur Fun (Region 9)
2014 Animal Inn (Region 3) Ruff Enuff (Region 13)
2013 Holeshot Racers (Region 8) Buffalo Wings (Region 13)
2012 Holeshot Racers (Region 8) Rocket Relay (Region 2)
2011 Northern Power Paws (Region 12) Some Ruff Competition (Region 2 - 16.475) & Slammers (Region 1 - 16.477) (as Co-champions)*
2010Holeshot Racers (Region 8)Spring Loaded (Region 1)
2009SlammersSpring Loaded
2008Rocket RelaySpring Loaded
2007Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
2006Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
2005Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
2004Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
2003Spring LoadedSpring Loaded
2002Top Dog RacersRude Dogs
2001Rude DogsRude Dogs
2000Border PatrolRude Dogs
1999Instant ReplayInstant Replay
1998Rocket RelayInstant Replay
1997Total RecallInstant Replay
1996 Instant Replay Allsorts Dogsports & Rude Dogs
(as Co-champions)
*Multibreed champion this year was a tie between Some Ruff Competition and Slammers since times within 0.002 seconds of one another are deemed a tie by the EJS.

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