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Limited Entry Draw

Limited tournaments use a random draw system to determine which teams get in, if the number of entries exceeds the number of available slots. The draw is conducted using NAFA's online lottery system, and must take place within 72 hours of the closing date of the tournament.

For anyone that will need to perform a Limited Draw, please set up an account here.

Once your account is set up, login here to access your limited draw information. Please note that you must be a tournament director, club owner hosting a tournament or tournament secretary to view the draws. Please contact for additional information.

Teams are to be grouped into rounds – each round shall contain only one team from each club:

  • the first round will contain one team from every club
  • the second round will contain one team from every club that has entered two or more teams
  • the third round will contain one team from every club that has entered three or more teams etc., until all rounds are created.

Teams will be randomly drawn from the first round, then the second round, etc., until the class is filled. The host Club (the Club that applied for sanctioning) will be the first team to be drawn during the first round (guaranteed one entry). Co-host Clubs are not guaranteed an entry. The remaining teams will also be drawn and given an alternate number, starting with alternate one until all rounds are drawn from and every team either is in the class or is given an alternate number.

All clubs shall be notified of the results of the draw within 48 hours of the draw. Then all clubs need to provide the host club with their seed times for all teams entered, or of teams they wish to withdraw, within 96 hours of the draw. If a club withdraws a team that has gained entry into the class, an alternate team will be selected based on the order of the draw.

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