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Tournament Forms

NAFA Forms are contained in the current rulebook but for a quick link to the forms, select the form you require from the list below.

Form Description Notes
  Complete NAFA Rulebook revised yearly in October
C.1 Tournament Entry Form  
C.2 Tournament Time Sheet  
C.3 Application to Sanction a NAFA Tournament revised 10-01-2005 for Veterans & BSL
C.4 Tournament Checklist  
C.5 Judges Application  
C.6 Tournament Results Form revised 3-28-2009 
C.7 Nomination for Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame and/or Regional MVP Award  
C.8 Application for NAFA Competition Registration Number (CRN)  
C.9 Jump Heights Report Form revised 10-01-2005 to add dog's CRN & Judge signature line
C.10 Height Card Application revised 2-18-2010
C.11 New Club Registration Form  
C.12 Notice of Excusal  
C.13 NAFA World Record Report Form revised 10-01-2005 for minor wording & measuring requirements
C.14 Entry Form for NAFA Futurity Class new 10-01-2005
C.15 Judges Report Form  
C.16 NAFA Novice Judge Review Form new 10-01-2005 as part of new Judge's Training Program
C.17 NAFA Apprentice Judge Review Form revised 10-01-2005 as part of new Judge's Training Program
C.18 NAFA Provisional Judge Review Form revised 10-01-2005 as part of new Judge's Training Program
C.19 Application for NAFA Supervising Head Judge  
C.20 Height Card Challenge Form  
C.21 Height Card Challenge—Judges' Committee Review Form  
  Reserved Weekend Worksheet use to calculate past and future tournament weeks
  Past and Future Weekend List use to review week numbers from other years

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