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Current NAFA Champions
Fur Fun (Region 9) - Multibreed
Skidmarkz (Region 21) - Regular

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North American Flyball Association, Inc.
Official Mailing/Street Address
1288 N Summit Ave, Ste 107-195
Oconomowoc, WI 53066-4466
(800) 318-6312
Correspondence/Payment Mailing Address
P.O. Box 171
Palmyra, WI 53156
(800) 318-6312
Current Regular World Record
Border Patrol ran a 14.433 at Some Ruff Competition's Rockfest #6 Flyball tournament Sunday in Rockton, ON June 5th, 2016! View the video. This new world record was confirmed and validated. Visit the World Records page for additional details.
Current Multibreed
World Record
Rocket Relay ran a 14.852 at the Rocket Relay Ancaster, ON flyball tournament Saturday, July 25, 2015! View the video. This new multibreed world record was confirmed and validated. Visit the World Records page for additional details.

  WELCOME! Do you want to play Flyball with your dog?
  1. Check out our featured clubs on the NAFAblog - Clubs Recruiting or Offering Lessons.
  2. Look for clubs in your area in the NAFA Locator and find out your NAFA Regional Director.
  3. Can't find what you need? Contact Jayne McQuillen at She can advise you on how to get started, and connect you with a Regional Director in your area.
Abridged Minutes from the September 12, 2022 Zoom Board Meeting
Abridged Minutes from the September 5, 2022 Zoom Board Meeting
Elections this year are for Executive Director, Board of Directors (three positions), Judge of the Year, Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame (up to two inductees) and Regional MVPs!

All nominations must be received no later than September 30, 2022.

You can find the online nomination forms here: Once your nomination has been submitted you should expect to receive an emailed acknowledgement from NAFA within 24 hours. If you do not receive this acknowledgement, please let us know. Please direct any questions you have to the chair of the nominating committee, Terry McClean, at

Be There! The CanAm Classic!

Phase 2 of measuring begins July 1, 2022

What is Phase 2? Competitors can get their 2 measurements towards their height dog's Permanent Measurement before measuring becomes mandatory for Phase 3. For details, please check out the following resources: Measuring Videos. NAFA has produced some measuring videos for training of judges and RDs, which competitors may find helpful: New NAFA Forms. The following NAFA forms are updated to reflect the changes for Phase 2: Mandatory Measuring. Phase 3 is mandatory measuring and is set to start October 1, 2022. CanAm will be a "super measuring event". There will be many judges in attendance.

Thanks to Judges and RDs. NAFA would like to thank our judges and RDs for their hard work supporting the overhaul of our measuring system. The certification process took a lot of time and effort. Your dedication to the sport is truly appreciated!

The board and our ED will continue to work with judges and RDs to make the transition to mandatory measuring as smooth as possible for competitors. If you have concerns, please let us know by emailing
Minutes from Board meetings and teleconferences can be found here.

NEW RULE BOOK FOR Oct 1, 2021: Highlights include - new measuring system, box judges are now optional, warm-up only dog on time sheet is now permanent, updated disciplinary procedures.
For any questions regarding new rules please contact
DOUBLE DOG POINTS!: tournaments from Oct 1, 2021 thru Dec 31, 2022, will have dog points doubled for all classes. The doubling happens after the scoring file is uploaded. 20% bonus for first place regular is calculated on the doubled points, and shows up the morning after the tournament is scored.
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Photos by Willie Moore, Irene Cotter and Bobby Jones.