Alibi's nomination letter

Submitted by Rocket Relay

The impact Alibi has had on the sport of flyball has been tremendous and rather remarkable. She stood out from the first time she hit the mats and continued with unreal consistency right to her last heat.

Her accomplishments are numerous which includes many regular world records as well as being a part of the first multi team to run 15's and many multi records after that.

She also set the standard many years back for what people thought a dog was capable of when she was taking 3.5 seconds off a clock in a pass when no other dog was even close to that. Her contribution to the sport came from off the lanes as well with the puppies she has produced. Once she was retired, her pups took the torch and helped many teams continue to get faster as well as run world records.

With all these contributions to the sport, we fell Alibi deserves the recognition of being inducted into the hall of fame and we would be honoured if you felt the same way.

Thanks for your time, Rocket Relay Flyball Club.

Photo By Len Silvester  


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