StingRay's nomination letter

Submitted by Cindy Henderson, Grafton, MA, US.

Stingray competed in flyball for almost 12 years running with 12 different clubs & 104 dogs over her storied career earning over 80k points. A Border Collie / Jack Russell mix, she was one of the early sport mixes to compete setting the standard for all those who followed. She ran in the CanAm Championship races as the height dog 8 times helping her teams achieve 3rd place in Regular, 2 time runners up in Multibreed and her most memorable moment winning the Multibreed Championship in 2013. Stingray holds the most amazing rerun in all of flyball history from this Championship race. Stingray (4th dog) & the competing 4th dog both early pass. With amazing connection between handler and dog Stingray crosses line, drops ball, immediately turns to rerun to win the heat. That moment summed up her career as a dog that loved to compete and had the perfect connection with her handler. Stingray served as an ambassador for the sport with her sweet personality and confidence helping train many new dogs and handlers in the sport - something she still does today. As a result of these and many other accomplishments Stingray belongs in the NAFA HoF..


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