Mike Smith's nomination letter
Mike Smith is the epitome of good sportsmanship, fairness and dedication to flyball. Safety in flyball is a priority with Mike. Mike also judges at the CanAm tournament each October. Mike is so much more than a judge. Besides his judging he is responsible more than anyone in the Region (probably all of NAFA) to see to it that our Region has a tournament almost every month. Mike books facilities and applies for tournaments - some tournaments are listed as being 'Region 5' as the host. That means Mike and anyone in the Region who will lend a hand. More often than not you will see him setting up for tournaments with the help of his team, Texas Twisters and other clubs. Mike has also served NAFA on the Board of Directors. Mike has us spoiled with his dedication, fairness and always a smile! If anyone deserves recognition as Judge of the Year it is Mike Smith.

Submitted by Beverly Taub

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