Steve Heine's nomination letter
Steve has all the qualities of a great NAFA judge. He's patient, open minded to hear all sides when issues arise, is courteous on the field, always tactful and firm but carries himself with strong compassion and humility. I've watched him throughout this season deal with competitors and their dogs, always calmly and courteously and looking to hear all sides of whatever is causing the issue. He is extremely even tempered and able to reach a decision confidently with an open mind. He is devoted to his duties, even when he's a competitor. This year, he stepped in without being asked to help move things along when chaos occurred in the ring so that paperwork could be handled while the tournament moved forward. Its hard to spend two full days on your feet and Steve always walks away from the tournaments with a smile on his face. Region 6/16 is lucky to have Steve in our judging pool.

Submitted by Alex Le

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