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What's New – December - July, 2006

December 20, 2006

Board of Directors Committees The 2007 Board of Directors Committeee Assignments have been announced.

December 19, 2006

NAFA Organizational Announcements

  • NAFA has received the resignation of Judy Hagan. We will miss her work and superb effort, and wish her the very best in her future endeavors. Thank you Judy, for your hard work and service to NAFA.

  • Executive Director Sam Ford has appointed Karen Oleson to take over the administrative duties of the Executive Director's office. Karen reports directly to Sam, and is responsible for the daily support of NAFA. With Karen's appointment, the executive director's office will make changes to better utilize everyone's talents. Sam and Karen are evaluating the placement of task and expect some rearranging of assignments in the near future.

    Karen is not a replacement for Judy Hagan, who resigned in December. The administrator role will evolve as a result these staff changes, and Karen will use her talents to provide NAFA with good daily support in her own unique way.

    Karen has been in charge of NAFA tournament sanctioning since December 2004. She is an excellent organizer and is a perfect fit for this new role.

December 9, 2006

2006 NAFA & Regional Champions

List 2006 NAFA Champions and Regional Champions available.

NAFA 2006 Election Results

View the complete results/numbers here >

Board of Directors - top 3 vote getters:
- Glenn Hamilton  (551)
- Lee Heighton  (550)
- Lisa Peckham  (577)

Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame:
- Jagger  (46.89%)

Regional MVPs:
Region 1 - Dave (58.49%)
Region 2 - Saylor (31.13%)
Region 3 - Off On Intrepid (Trep) (80.17%)
Region 4 - Riff (56.60%)
Region 5 - Dillon (25.37%)
Region 6 - Gremlin's Spitfire Hydro (57.78%)
Region 7 - Danya Von Tamar (Dayna) (74.29%)
Region 8 - Thor (32.69%)
Region 9 - Hobbs (44.64%)
Region 10 - Risin Red River (Riser) (45.71%)
Region 11 - Monty (39.53%)
Region 12 - Kelty (49.02%)
Region 13 - Kiri (37.29%)
Region 14 - Snap Dragon (82.35%)
Region 15 - Chipper (46.67%)
Region 16 - Bonnie's Shaddow (Bunny) (80.95%)
Region 19 - Laney (73.33%)

Press Release from NAFA® Board of Directors Meeting - 12/8/2006

  • Height Card Challenge System was introduced by Executive Director Sam Ford and approved by the board with pending rulebook verbiage. Proposal included the following;
    • To be effective March 31, 2007 if not sooner pending rule structure
    • A card can be challenged once every three years
    • $100USD challenge fee
    • Judges and team owners can issue a limited number of challenges
    • Videotaped review of stand by appointed committee of 3 judges
    • Failure to pass review causes loss of height card

  • Veterans dog age dropped from 8 to 7 years of age to bring NAFA standard in line with other dog sport organizations. This change will go into effect on January 1, 2007.

  • Sunset provision removed from Veterans class

  • Survey to be issued with False Start ballot in early 2007 requesting input from delegates on desire for pick up teams aka Travelling Teams

  • Judges promotions
    • John Fairbairn - Apprentice to Provisional
    • Elizabeth Theesfeld - Apprentice to provisional
    • Kimberly Kendall - Apprentice to Provisional
    • Arend teRaa - Provisional to Approved
    • Rob Bitler - Provisional to approved

  • Videos for NAFA web site include
    • Setup of the Signature Gear Electronic Judging system - January 1, 2007
    • Judges Training - Measuring - targeted for March 31, 2007

  • Special provisions were made to confirm judge's discretion in allowing reasonable accommodations for dogs or handlers with disabilities

  • The design for the 2007 Junior Handler Pin was approved and directed to be sent into production

Addendum - December 10, 2006

Following the AGM, the outgoing board met to elect the board executives for the upcoming year. At the Dec 9th reconvened AGM, the following positions were elected for the upcoming year:

Lee Heighton - Chairman
Kris Pickering - Vice Chairman
Glenn Hamilton - Secretary
Scott Stein - Treasurer

2006 Election Results Available here

December 9, 2006

Announcements from December 8th Board of Directors Meeting

Read the Press Release

December 1, 2006

Board of Director Candidate Chat Transcript

The transcript from the November 30th Board of Directors Candidate Chat is now available.

November 30, 2006

Agenda for NAFA Board of Directors Meeting

December 8th, 2006
Fitchburg, MA

Chairperson’s Comments

Executive Director’s Comments

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Cynosports Tournament Report

Committee Reports

  • Standing Rules/Regulatory Committee
    1. Proposal to reduce minimum age for Veteran’s Class (from 8 to 7 years) and sunset provisions
    2. Pickup Teams (tabled to Rules Committee from prior meeting)
    3. Predetermined heat times for interference calls
    4. Review of NAFA® News/NAFA® webmaster rules
    5. Allowing visual encouragement from boxloader for deaf dogs
    6. Additional information on C10 form
    7. Other carry-over matters (Judges’ Appendix and corresponding form; size of logo on cross boards; proposal to penalize late schedules; fees for single day tournaments on successive weekend days; reserve weekend requirements)
  • Judges/Education and Training Committee
    1. Status of training videos
    2. Approval of judges
  • Finance Committee
  • Marketing/Awards Committee
    1. Status of Hobbes pins order
    2. Status of brochure development
  • Technology Committee
  • Disciplinary Committee
  • Bylaw Committee
  • Election Committee

(3pm-5pm) Review of Hyperflight probation per by-laws

Outstanding Business

  • Request for motion to reconsider judges apparel rule
  • Request for motion to reconsider scheduled change in minimum judging requirements
  • Discussion on electronic storage of tournament results and C9 forms

New Business

  • 2007 Junior Handler Pins
  • Continuing Education program for judges
  • Electronic registration of new clubs
  • Jim Sova’s request to have bye races run minimum number of heats
  • Review of provisions re: calculating delegate assignments from most recent racing year
November 27, 2006

The transcript from the November 25th Board of Directors Candidate Chat is now available.
November 25th Transcript

November 16, 2006

The transcript from the November 15th Board of Directors Candidate Chat is now available.
November 15th Transcript

November 13, 2006

Cynosports® Tournament Results

Results are now available for the 2006 World Cynosport® Flyball Championship, held in Scottsdale AZ on November 3-5th.

The transcript from the October 30th Board of Directors Candidate Chat is now available.
Oct 30th Transcript

NAFA Growth Trends Posted

NAFA growth trends from 1999-20011 are now available.

October 23, 2006

Board of Director Candidate Chats Scheduled

The NAFA Election committee is pleased to announce a series of chat opportunities for candidates in the 2006 NAFA Board of Directors elections. These chats have been scheduled without input from any of the candidates. We are hopeful that each candidate will participate to the extent they are able. Given the scheduling technique, we do not believe that a candidate's ability to participate in the chats should be an indicator of their level of interest in the position they seek.

Each chat will be moderated and a transcript posted to the NAFA website after the chat. The chats will begin at 7pm Central Standard Time - candidates and other participants may join at various times based on their commitments and time zones. Chats will run until discussion is reasonably exhausted or about 10:30pm CST. The dates were scheduled across a variety of days of the week and spread over about a month to provide a broad range of opportunities for candidates and other participants.

The scheduled dates are:

Monday, October 30th
Wednesday, November 15th
Saturday, November 25th
Thursday, November 30th

To access the chat, go to www.flyballinfo.com during the scheduled times.

Questions can be addressed to flyball@flyball.org

October 17, 2006

BoD Candidates Bios and Hall of Fame/MVP nominations posted

The bios and write-ups for the 2006 Board of Director candidates and Hall of Fame & Regional MVP candidates have been posted. Read up on all the nominees! Team owners, look for ballots in your mailboxes soon.

October 6, 2006

New 2007 Rulebook is now available - 2007 Rulebook

Minutes from the September 27th, 2006 Board of Directors teleconference

September 26, 2006

Minutes from the August 12th, 2006 Board of Directors meeting

September 9, 2006

NAFA Annual General Meeting Announcement

This year's AGM will be held on December 8-10, 2006, in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. The tournament and AGM will be hosted by the Weston Whirlwinds and held at the Royal Plaza Hotel and Trade Center in Fitchburg, MA (http://www.rplaza.com/).

For more information about the tournament, visit the Weston Whirlwinds' website.

August 30, 2006

Transcript from the August 23rd Leadership Chat

Minutes from the June 29th, 2006 Board of Directors meeting

August 15, 2006

Board of Director and Hall of Fame/MVP Nominees:

At the recent NAFA Board of Directors meeting in Detroit, the Nomination and Election committees announced the candidates for the upcoming Board of Directors elections. Each candidate was found to meet the applicable requirements by the Nominations Committee and their nomination was received in a timely manner. The candidates for the three open positions will be:

Zachary Chernik
Glenn Hamilton
Lee Heighton
Dana Nichols
Lisa Pignetti Peckham

In addition, the Board is required to narrow the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame nominees to a field of five or less candidates. Although it was a tough decision, the Board has selected the following five dogs as this year's candidates from the many nominations received:

Dot - Terrie O'Connor
Gunner - Shannon Seeger
Indy - Pam Koons
Jagger - Jennifer Rohling
Toby - Kim O'Neill

Congratulations to all of the 2006 Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame nominees as well as the many excellent dogs nominated for their respective region's MVP awards.

We expect to mail ballots to delegates by October 1st with results being announced at the NAFA Annual General Meeting tentatively planned for early December. Full write-ups for each of the candidates - human and canine - well be presented on the NAFA website concurrent with the mailing of the delegate ballots. In addition, several chats will be hosted by NAFA to allow delegates (and others) to get to know the candidates and understand their visions for the future of NAFA.

August 11, 2006

Board of Directors Meeting Agenda:

The next NAFA Board of Directors meeting is August 12th in Detroit, Michigan.


Chairman's comments
Executive Director's report
Treasurer's report
Secretary's report

Committee Reports:
   - Finance Committee
   - Judges/Training Committee
   - Standing Rules/Regulatory/Bylaws Committee
   - Technology Committee
   - Disciplinary Committee
   - Marketing Committee
   - Election Committee

Cynosports Update

Outstanding Business:
   - Cynosports addendum
   - Wording of delegate ballot regarding Height Cards
   - Publication of Futurity results
   - Judges Training Videos
   - Enforcement of minimum runback area
   - Regional Championship by Division

New Business:
   - Guarantee for host team entry in each round of limited tournament draw
   - Elimination or Reduction of False starts allowed
   - Requested change to Height Card application form
   - Required videotaping of Height Card measurements
   - Requirements for Height Card revocation
   - Time requirements for tentative schedules to be sent to RD
   - Time requirements for posting approved schedules
   - Scanning and preservation of tournament documents (including C9 sheets)
   - Removal of write up on Ruckus CRN 021024
   - Publication of candidates and nominees to website
   - Change in break out rule for combined Divisions
   - Preset Divisions based on times
   - Pick-up teams (added to agenda on 8/7)

Please direct any questions regarding the agenda to flyball@flyball.org.

July 2006

Board of Director Nominations
It's that time of year again – your nominations for NAFA Board of Director candidates are due in by 11:59pm CDT on July 31st. Send nominations to NAFA via email to flyball@flyball.org (preferred), or mail to NAFA at 1400 West Devon Avenue, #512, Chicago, IL 60660, or fax to 800-318-6312.

Leadership Chat Transcript
Transcript is available from the June 27th NAFA Leadership Chat. View chat transcript >

March Board Meeting Minutes
Minutes from the March 29th Board of Directors Teleconference. Read minutes >

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