Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Animal House
230157 Oberon Mix Mary Lou Janeba
Animal Inn
230117 Atom Mix Joani Halstenson
230131 Marty Border Collie Vicky Richie
230154 Ned Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Alex & Mackenzie Maidl
Arizona Supercharged
230083 Luna Mix Katherine Weller
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Bakersfield Tailspins
230095 Boson Mix Kevin Tschida
230096 Crystal Mix Rhonda Harhausen
230100 Trace Border Collie Sarah Pearce
230127 Journey Rat Terrier Beverly Calhoun
230128 Wave Rat Terrier Beverly Calhoun
Be Right Back
230165 Akona Border Collie Megan Cap
Big Orange Blast
230145 Ember Border Collie Morgan Jenkins
230150 Evie Border Collie Kelly Mayfield
230158 Boone Mix Robert Carbaugh
Bitches Be Crazy
230080 Nubbles Whippet Braden Simmons
230085 Maeve Miniature American/Australian Sheph Christy & Jim Metallo
Blockade Runners
230103 Lilly Lowerre Miniature American/Australian Sheph Susan Lowerre
230105 Persey Mix jeff Anderson
Brat Pack
230114 Avery Mix Wendy Henes
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Canines in Action
230098 JoJo Mix Karen Anderson
Carolina Overdrive
230155 Bran Cairn Terrier Caroline McBride
Celtic Mayhem
230102 Pootie Border Collie Babz Mahony
Crazy Train
230064 Cannon Mix Aeryun Kinder
230087 Skylar Mix Nicole Frederick
230138 Rudy Border Collie Monica Cullinan
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Diamonds in the Ruff
230121 Dot Bearded Collie Sherry LeCouillard
Dog Gone Devils
230079 Wilson Rat Terrier Randy Jones
230119 Artie Whippet Paralee Smith
Double Dog Dare
230136 Frodo Mix Anthony Slongo
Dream Team
230147 Isla American Pit Bull Terrier Gina Visentin
Dynamo DARTs
230164 Lyla Border Collie Karah Gerelus
230172 Zulu Border Collie Darla Shelton
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230076 Q Mix Paul Linnerud
230094 Ripple Mix Tami Linnerud
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Fayetteville Freedom Flyers
230107 Apollo Pomeranian Meghan Castillo
Fire & Ice
230115 Vibe Mix Caroline Studley
First In Flight
230101 Blue American Pit Bull Terrier Suzanne Mounsey
Flyball MAINEiacs
230065 Piper Border Collie Jeremy Shaw
230066 Tully Mix Madeline Joyal-Myers
Flying Underdogs
230084 Finn Mix Tara Cozad
Fur Fun
230104 Gillyweed Mix Jennie & Shawn Jones
230134 Tonks Mix Alise Baer
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Glacier Shakers
230086 Hobey Mix Jamie Brakora
Good2Go Flyball
230073 Mitch Mix Amanda Benesh
230125 Jelly Mix Darcey Sare
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Heads or Tails
230113 Kraken Mix Zach and Morgan Moorman
230141 Holo Collie (Rough) Kathleen Garland
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230072 Izzy Mix Kathleen Lally
230092 Badger Mix Kimberly Dickson
230097 Skye Mix Erin Sutton
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K9 Outlaws
230142 Pebbles Australian Cattle Dog Stephanie Hinden
230143 Lane Border Collie Angela Graczyk
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Lake Effect
230124 Casey Border Collie Gabriella Casanova
230149 Firefly Standard Poodle Danielle Knobel
230178 Bowie Brittany Spaniel Jessica Sielawa
230179 Dillinger Briard MeKalea Chambliss
230180 Maly Mix James Rada
230181 Dini Mix Marisa Fagliarone
230162 Cava Mix Susi Evans
230163 Shimmer Mix Fran Shepherd
230166 Fizz Mix Julie Field
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Milwaukee Dogs
230140 Beau Brittany Spaniel Jody Lokken
Mountain Mayhem
230130 Vahni Border Collie Judy Chaet
Mutts in Motion
230123 River Bouvier des Flandres Michele Evans
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New River Express
230090 Easton Australian Shepherd Sidney Agee
230122 Kite Miniature American/Australian Sheph Paisley Lunchick
New River Rapids
230126 Twist Border Collie Pat Graves
No Speed Limit
230132 Cheddar Mix Sarah Fedder
230160 Dutch Whippet Carle Lee Detweiler
Northern Power Paws
230139 Cheetah Mix Sandi Ensz
Nose to Nose
230111 Rocky Mix Wakako Nishimura-Anderson
230148 Dottie Mix Matthew Johnson
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Obsessed K-9's
230077 Dot Mix Sharon Bayolo
230078 Journey Mix Kim Shepherd
Omaha Speed Racers
230069 Bella Mix Rj and Ashley Dishong
230182 Fury Australian Cattle Dog Kara Shellman-Kuhns
On the Flipside
230109 Cajun Mix Molly Egan
230116 Bru Mix Alisha Teichmeier
230177 Parlay Border Collie Travis & Lyndsy Dvorak
Organized Crime
230106 Victor Whippet Lori Robertson
230151 Jack Papillon Jeanne Hendrickson
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Patriot Flyball
230173 Mace in the Face Border Collie Angelica Tambour
Pretty Darn Quick
230070 Baden Miniature Schnauzer Andrea Walli
230071 Maia Australian Shepherd Stephanie Piper
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Rainbow Rockets
230118 Buddy Labrador Retriever Nicolette Martonyi
ROC Flight
230120 Daisy Miniature American/Australian Sheph Cyndi Guillaume
Rude Dogs South
230144 Lochlea Q-Tea Border Collie Wei-Shan Han
RUFF Go's Flyball Club
230108 June Australian Shepherd Hannah Watt
Run Dogs Run
230161 Kerri Dutch Shepherd Kristin Morgan
230171 Ruby Border Collie Tricia Youngman
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230159 Jack American Cocker Spaniel Sue and James Ericson
Silver Streaks
230137 Jackson Border Collie Tina Neel
Smashville Speedsters
230068 Navi Miniature American/Australian Sheph Jennifer Shaneberger
SoCal Frequent Flyers
230156 Rain Border Collie Cynthia Litson
230167 Wrangler Mix Jan Robinson
Spring Loaded
230074 Rabbit Mix victoria francey
Stack Attack
230146 Hela Mix Brooke Ross
Synergetic Surge
230168 Soundwave Mix Kendyll Scott
230169 Crazy Mix Diamond Ruman
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Tampa Bay Barkaneers
230093 LOGAN Border Collie Alan Conroy
230099 Delta Border Collie Camille Andrews
TCOTC High Spirits
230153 Tuvok English Cocker Spaniel Lynnda Lenzen
230176 Dobby Pug Jan Wagner
Texas Twisters
230091 Mercy Mix John and Katie Briggs
230129 Lana Mix John & Lisa McClure
The X-Fidos
230075 Gabby Whippet Lisa Boyle
Turbo Paws
230089 Juno Border Collie Chloe Harris
230110 Pippa English Springer Spaniel Mary Schweitzer
230112 Kiwi Mix Shino/Michelle Lowery
Two-Lane Highway
230088 Jot Australian Shepherd Erin and Michelle Saywell
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Unassigned Members
230152 Frankly Mix Candida Carrillo
230175 Mabel Whippet Laura Tuson
Underdogs Flyball
230133 Aerys German Shepherd Dog Ashley Angstadt
230082 Sandy Lagotto Romagnolo Annabel Channell-Johnson
230174 Griffey Mix Morgan Williams
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Woodlawn Woofers
230081 Daisy Mix Craig Youngermann
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Zero Gravity
230067 Phoenix Whippet Kristen McKenna
230135 Cosmo Miniature American/Australian Sheph Chelsea Schuster
230170 Split Mix Stacey Gamble

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