Transcript for the NAFA® Leadership Chat March 15th, 2011

moderatorHello all! This is Kim Davis, your moderator for the evening. Please pardon my tardiness!
moderatorPlease send all questions to the moderator so they can be queued up and addressed one at a time.
moderatorWould any of the Bod members like to make any opening remarks as folks are getting their questions together?
Lee_HeightonHello everyone, thanks for taking time out of your Tuesday evening to be with us.
leerie.jenkinsI'd just like to welcome everyone to our leadership chat.
Dana.NicholsCurtis is not going to be able to join us tonight and Kris Pickering will be a few minutes late.
leerie.jenkinsKaren mentioned she would join us if she could, and that she might be late.
moderatorWe have no questions at present.
Marge.HendersonI noriced on the agenda for the next meeting that one of the items was collar tags. Do I need to remove my dogs collars in the future?
Marge.HendersonSorry, meant that to go to moderator
moderatorThank you Marge - Consider that our first question of the night.
John_HendriksIs there any thought of reducing the Nafa fees for vet teams as they are limited with the number of heats they run at a the present time the fees are the same as any other Class
moderatorEveryone remember - please send all questions to the moderator b right clicking on the moderator icon in the right window and chooseing Private Chat
Marge.HendersonIf you have a Mac it's a double click
Dana.NicholsMarge, the Rules Committee received a request to prohibit hanging tags on collars. We'll be publishing our recommendations before the next meeting in April.
Dana.NicholsAt this point, I think it is unlikely we will be recommending a rule change, but we don't have a final recommendation yet.
Lee_HeightonJohn, it has not been discussed at this time. If you would like you can submit a recommendation for the Bod to consider it at the next meeting.
moderatorThere are no other questions in queue at this time.
Lee_HeightonOne thing to remember is that most of the agenda items that are listed for a meeting come from recommendations or questions submitted by our competitors.
Marge.HendersonThanks Lee
moderatorFrom Kim Shepherd: I saw the line/box judging videos and I was wondering if there were other videos in the works. No, I don't have ideas but think the video is a nice idea.
leerie.jenkinsKim, I'd like to keep on track of doing one per year or so.
leerie.jenkinswe've discussed some ideas for new ones. I think one of the ideas that seemed pretty popular was a "how to host a Nafa flyball tournament"
kim.shepherdThat would be a great idea but not sure if video would be enough. Will you also think of putting something on paper as well?
leerie.jenkinsSure. In fact, I think there is going to be written materials to go with the line/box judge video, and perhaps a quiz.
moderatorNo questions in the queue at present.
kim.shepherdwritten materials long with video would be agreat idea. Folks can print it off which will be a nice reminder for folks at tourneys. I know I created a quick document that we keep at the chairs
Lee_HeightonKim, would you mind sending the document you use to Dana
Dana.NicholsYes, please.
kim.shepherdSure. It is just a quick thing that I laminated so we can reuse. Dana ping me your email
moderatorStill no questions in our queue at this time.
moderatorJohn Smith asks: When will the updated P&l be posted?
Lee_HeightonDoes anyone else have ideas for future Nafa videos
Nancy_GarciaRegarding the P&l. We were forced to change accounting firms this year as the existing firm could no longer handle our sort of business. It is taking the new firm a while to get all the old files, etc.
Nancy_GarciaI fully expect an extension or two might have to be filed. I am working closely with them but the turn over process is going slow.
moderatorNo other questions at present.
susan.clevelandI would love a general "what is flyball" sort of video. Not necessarily teaching anything, but for introducing people to the sport and showing what it entails.
leerie.jenkinsSusan, that is a good idea.
Nancy_GarciaI am busy working on sponsors for Canam 2011. If anyone has some great contacts with any companies that you think might be interested in being a sponsor I would appreciate you dropping me a line.
susan.clevelandI'm in the process of starting up a flyball class in an area without much and it would be very helpful to run on a loop at the vet clinic for people to see and decide to sign up! Also I had to cobble something together to show the staff at the vet clinic because they didn't really know anything about flyball either.
leerie.jenkinsI will put it on the list of possible topics for videos. In the meantime, there are some decent youtube videos you can show.
kim.shepherdon the subject of videos - could the webmaster actually make a link to Videos so we can easily find videos that have already been created
leerie.jenkinsKim, aren't they on the front page now, at the bottom?
moderatorSpeaking as the webmaster, there is a link on the front page now that takes you directly to the training videos.
susan.clevelandThat's what I did, thank goodness for youtube!
moderatorThe link is in the middle at present above the cover dogs which will be changing this weekend!
leerie.jenkinsBut it would be nice to have a good intro to flyball. What types of dogs can play. Where to find a local club, etc.,...
kim.shepherdthe problem is that it gets lost on the page
moderatorNo other questions at this time.
moderatorThat is no other questions Pending at this time!
moderatorDave Collett sent in "I was wondering about the update to the Ejs software and about parking the Ejs in regions."
Lee_HeightonWe are in the middle of having Farmtek write the new software for the update. I have talked to them twice this week about the time frame for manufacturing additional Ejs systems. I intend to present this information to the Bod in April and talk to them about purchasing additional systems with the intent of starting to park them in regions
kim.shepherdmay i ask what the update is? i admit i don't read everything
Dave.CollettIs there an estimated time for the updated software to be available?
moderatorPlease send me your final questions, we'll be wrapping up if there are no others.
Lee_Heightonthere are several updates. One is a button to preset the lights for Vets. Another is a countdown timer for warm-ups between races. The last is better interface between the Ejs table units and laptop computers. Leerie, did I miss anything.
leerie.jenkinsI think you got em. Can't wait!
kim.shepherdthank you
Lee_HeightonWe don't have a hard timeline yet for the updates. This will include having every table unit shipped to Farmtek for the updates,
leerie.jenkinsI hope they're done by October 1. But that's just that...a hope.
leerie.jenkinsI think the minutes say a target for full implementation by next Agm
Dana.NicholsYes, that was Dale's estimate.
moderatorWith no further questions pending, I'll open it up to closing comments.
leerie.jenkinsI appreciate everyone's interest, and your time. As always, please email any of us with thoughts, suggestions, and questions.
Lee_HeightonAgain, thank you to everyone for attending. Please feel free to contact any of us directly if you have any suggestions or questions between now and our next chat.
leerie.jenkinsA big thanks to Kim Davis and Dave Walt for moderating tonight!
Kris_PickeringGood night, all!
Lee_HeightonGood night.
leerie.jenkinsGood night.
moderatorThanks to all for attending the chat this evening or reading the transcript when it's posted! It's always apprecated when you take the time to attend and to stay involved and informed!
moderatorTranscript ends here.