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NAFA Candidate Chat Transcript – November 7, 2007

moderatorOK, I see 4 candidates online so let's get started. Dale is at his son's basketball practice and will be about an hour late tonight
moderatorJust so you all know how this will flow - we'll start with an opening comment from each candidate. Next we'll move to questions. You can submit a question to me by double-clicking on moderator in the upper left corner and sending a private chat message. I'll let you know when your question moves into the main window. You are free to interact with the candidates in the main window while your question is on the floor. Please try to stick to the one question - if you think of others you can always send them to me privately to be queued.
Scott_SI would like to thank everyone for coming. Your participation in these chats and the election process is important to NAFA. Hopefully my answers to your questions will provide you with insight into my beliefs and help you determine if I'm the candidate for you.
Chris.VWGood evening. How is everyone? Glad to see everybody here. Looking forward to this last of the candidate chats. :-)
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveHello everyone. I'm glad to see you all still participating at this third chat. I hope that some of you I met at Cyno are on. I know we're all not recovered yet. As a candidate, I realize that not all my personal views may jibe with your personal views; however, do realize that I respect your opinion and I will base my votes on facts and what the candidates want rather than just following my personal preference. Let's have a great chat tonight!!
Zachary_ChernikGood evening everyone. Thanks for taking part in the 3rd and final chat.
bcsamNAFA is an organization that runs on Volunteer power. It is through people willing to work and promote NAFA that we move forward. Thanks for everyone joining in and thanks for everyone having a part at making this group better and better.
moderatorFirst question: "If you make it on to the BoD, what committees will you request to be put on and why?"
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveHaving not been on the board before, I am not sure of specifics of how the committees are decided. However, I believe that my background and experience would be helpful on the Regulatory or Bylaws Committees and I would relish the opportunity to move flyball Education forward via the Education and Training Committee.
Scott_SI would like to see the judges training program finished, so I would request to be placed on the judges committee. I would also request to remain on the finance committee and continue the work we've been doing on streamlining NAFA's finances
Zachary_ChernikI'm already working on the Marketing Committee as a non-bod member since Jan. 2007 with Lisa, Dana, Dale, Todd, Mike and Angela. I would also like to work on the Technology and/or Finance Committee.
Chris.VW1) Marketing Committee because I have a few ideas how we can improve our efforts to market & promote this sport. 2) Rules/by-laws/regulatory because I am good at language and expression and I believe I can contribute and 3) Disciplinary because I have a personal commitment to fairness and making sure that our procedures are followed.
moderatorNext question: "stuart.van: I know some of you touched on this in your nomination letters, but What about your flyball Journey made you each decide to run for the BoD?"
Chris.VWThat's a good question that's hard to answer. We have a "flyball tradition " in my family. I've supported my sister's flyball career since before NAFA was founded. I knew Mike Randall personally. I want to see this sport continue to grow and NAFA is staffed by volunteers. I'm volunteering to ensure the future of this organization.
Scott_SWhen I first ran for the board three years ago, there was quite a number of negative comments/feelings about the board. At the time, I felt that there were things that could be done better. Essentially, as opposed to complaining, I stepped forward and ran for the board (be part of the solution). Since then, I believe the board has made a number of positive strides forward and I would like to continue to be part of the process of making flyball better
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveIt seems that I have done everything in flyball from being a newbie to starting my own team. I have grown flyball here in Phoenix where flyball was non-existent and now we have a NAFA Championship here. I wanted to continue to help flyball grow and it seemed that running for the Board was the logical next step. Having made friends all through NAFA, I have discovered that flyball in the east and north can be vastly different than flyball in the west and south. I would like to see all regions brought a bit closer in their understanding of each other and the only way that can be accomplished is to have people from all areas on the Board. I also love working with people and teams to make their flyball dreams come true. I hear over and over how individuals and teams feel they are not heard at the Board level and I would like to be the conduit to helping them get their thoughts across to the Board and to represent the little people who make flyball what it is.
Zachary_ChernikMy addiction to flyball for one thing… help grow this sport and continue researching on how to make it more enjoyable and safer for both our canine family and their owners. Using technology and media to reach out to both existing flyballers and people that way my dog can do that sport...but they can....we just need to reach them, some how....some way.
moderatorhere's the next question: howard.bayerle: Q. How do the candidates feel about NAFA aligning with Cynosports, now that two events have passed? Are the benefits from aligning with Agility for the NAFA championship tournament outweighing any negatives, like the inability to host the event in different parts of the country?
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveHaving hosted a tournament in conjunction with the Cyno games since before NAFA aligned its championship with it, I can say that the pull of the various events that can also be competed in bring more competitors than would come if it were "just" a flyball championship. Competitors were shopping, lure coursing with their dogs, dock diving, doing Frisbee, herding, rally, freestyle (dog dancing) in addition to the agility. For the teams that come, this is not only a flyball event but a Dog Event of huge proportions. It really is a week of the most fun one can have with their dog.
bcsamWell, there is an assumption here that isn't absolutely correct. The Agility folks aren't permanent in this location and every year we discuss with them the possibility of other locations. We are committed, as they are, to moving this around. What is difficult is finding a location that can house this large an event at a competitive cost.
Scott_SHaving been at both events, it is easy for me to say that the events were a success for the promotion of our sport. Venues with such public attention are difficult to come by and part of marketing our sport is finding ways for the public to see it. The drawback, however, is that we need to hold the event in the location selected by Cynosports. Would it be great if it traveled around the country.....absolutely. However, just because the event doesn't move, doesn't mean we shouldn't participate
Chris.VWFirst, the positive response we hear from the participants is overwhelming so, from a competitor's viewpoint, it is an event that generates the kind of interest we need from all over. Second, there is no guarantee that Cynosports (agility) will stay in Scottsdale. I keep hearing rumors that Cynosports may move its location in the future. Naturally, as long as we are having such a positive response to this event, I would support sticking with Cynosports no matter where it is located.
Zachary_ChernikI think that this second year was a turn in the right direction for NAFA and Cyno. Last year the event lost money, this year with a very good entry there should be a good profit. Depending on USDAA/Cyno with location. I would like to see it expanded or moved to other locations to allow for the others to attend an event like this one. But I would like to know if NAFA is tracking new people that join NAFA because of Cyno. If NAFA gets TV coverage great a huge plus, but we should be able to put something in place to see how we are doing in the long run.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveThe rumor is always circulating that Cyno may move, and, if that happens, I think it would be just as big a hit in another venue. The thing that makes it work is that all these events can be found in one place. No matter where Cyno decides to go if it moves, flyball benefits from staying connected to it.
Chris.VWAt some point in the future (and, I don't know "when" that point will be) I would support NAFA looking at hosting a "championship format" tournament in other parts of the continent, with Cynosports OR outside of Cynosports, just because I would like to see more teams with the opportunity to participate in a "championship" event. It would have to be as exciting as Cyno or it could be disappointing. I would not want to detract from Cyno....
moderatornext question: Chris_thth: How do you feel about the current measuring rules and do you think that NAFA should or could find a different way and what would you do as a BoD
Scott_SAs an organization we should always continue to evaluate everything that we do, measuring included. However, I do not believe we should change our process just to change. Any change should have evidence to indicate that it would improve the process. So, the first key prior to instituting any change is to see if there is a process that offers a substantial improvement from what is currently being done.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveIn the past, the measuring rules had loopholes and individuals found a way to get through them. I am not sure if the current changes to the rules have been in effect long enough to determine whether the rules are now better or just more convoluted. At this point, I do not see that there is a different way to measure that would make everyone happy, however, if such a different way was researched and found to fix the current problems, then I would be for looking at that and perhaps testing it out. I am unsure that our current system is so flawed as to need to be changed.
Zachary_ChernikMeasuring was discussed in one of the other chats and by being asked again shows a bit of what a hot topic this is. I think that we should ask the delegates to vote Yes or No if they would like the BoD to look at changing measuring. If No we leave allow, if Yes, than we need to get input from the judges and all the people that run in NAFA to get ideas, issues so that we can get a good idea and direction that we need to march towards.
Chris.VWI know that there is a significant number of people who are dissatisfied with NAFA's system. But, there is also a Very significant number who have strong opposition to the idea that we should "change" the system. We have to be sensitive to their opposition especially since so many other dogsports who have the potential to get involved with flyball who also use our current system to measure. We don't want to alienate this potential market.
bcsamIf you are going to look at measuring the basic desire of measuring is to find a way to relate the jumping of the dog to method of measuring. You can measure many parts of a dog but they don't all relate to it's jumping ability. So any change has to be evaluated first as to how will it relate to the dog's jumping.
moderatornext question: Jenbt: Your team mates come to you stating they want to hold a tournament with a different flyball organization. What is your response to them?
Chris.VWMy teammates are free to do as they want.
Zachary_ChernikIt's a team choice. Not one individual....would have to look at the financial aspects of hosting either venue.
Scott_SThat is definitely their prerogative. Would I try to talk them out of it, probably. However, my belief is that as a member of the board, my loyalty needs to be to NAFA. So if they did decide to hold the tournament, I would have to let them know that I would not be able to participate
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveIf I'm being perfectly honest, nobody on my team is going to come to me and ask to host a tournament. They groan every time I tell them I sanctioned another one. LOL However, first and foremost, Heat Wave is and has been a NAFA team since it's inception. This has not prevented members from occasionally competing in a "different flyball organization" using the HW name. I was not in attendance at that tournament. I do not foresee, however, that HW is going to start hosting tournaments for another organization when we're hosting almost one a month for NAFA while trying to keep this region going.
Chris.VWJenbt....can you restate your question as it pertains to my ability to serve on the NAFA BoD?
bcsamOK. Let me be perfectly blunt. They would be looking for another team.
moderatorOK we have a follow-up question to the measuring one. question: Beth_w: What is your opinion of closing the loophole in the measuring rule that says measuring is optional? Why not make it mandatory that you either measure at every tournament or get a height card? The optional measuring is allowing a lot of teams to "cheat" if you will and by closing the loophole it would level the playing field.
Chris.VWThat is a question that, if it were on the Board agenda, I would recommend and support putting in front of the delegates for a vote.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveI don't see how not having to measure allows a team to "cheat". I also think that by making every one measure, we would be adding a lot more time to the beginning of the day in some regions. I raced back when there were no height cards and still everyone didn't have to measure so I am not in favor of making measuring mandatory by either having to measure or get a height card. I still like our freedoms.
Scott_SIn theory this sounds good. I would be concerned with the logistics of doing this. At large tournaments, you could have in excess of 75-100 dogs being measured.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveBeth, if you could expand on the "cheat"ing by not measuring, it would help me understand your question more. Thanks.
colin.bruceI think by cheating we are talking about fudging heights to allow dogs to jump lower.
Zachary_ChernikThe problem is we don't have a good standard across all regions and from judge to judge... to force measuring with a current large degree of error at this time would not be good. If measuring was consistent across all regions this would be a mute issue. Also, at large venue that have 50+ team entries per day, and measuring 50 Height Dogs would kill half the day. 9 height cards were issued in 2007.
Chris.VWThere is one issue concerning measuring that no one has touched upon and that is the need for competitors to "challenge" one another concerning jump heights. I think we could reduce the animosity a lot if we could allow Head Judges to randomly check a dog's jump height ....take it out of the competitors hands.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveAs far as I know, most of the "cheating" on height dogs has gone on in division one. So, if a team elects to jump lower with a borderline height dog and gets caught, there are already rules in place to handle that and they would be penalized accordingly.
Scott_SJudges are allowed to challenge a dogs height.
Chris.VWThe BFA Board randomly checks Height Cards by simply notifying an owner to present their dog. No "challenge" by a competitor. Just a random remeasure. We could do that here for Height Cards or just tournament measuring.
Chris.VWYes Scott, you are right. But, I've never seen it happen on a Judge's challenge....not in 20 years.
Scott_SNot to disagree, but I've challenged two dogs in the last 18 months
Chris.VWHow'd they turn out? Were the dogs jumping the correct height?
Scott_Sone was, one was not
Chris.VWMore Judges should do that. It would make the competitors feel more secure that the judges were looking out for them
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveIn the alternative, more competitors should feel comfortable asking the judge to measure a dog. I used to hear lots of complaining several years back but no competitor would step up and ask for a measurement during the tournament.
Chris.VWYes, but the truth is they don't. We certify a judge and part of that certification is the ability to lead and control their ring. If they see a dog that does not appear to be jumping the correct height, they should "take the lead" and measure that dog. Take it out of the competitors hands to have to summon the courage to challenge.
moderatorOK, here's another from Chris: Chris_thth: What are your strengths and talents that you feel you bring to the BoD and how many regions have you attended tournaments at. Do you feel that there are difference's in different regions all over NAFA.
Zachary_ChernikOur club has raced in 1,2,3,4,9,14 and 19 in the past few years. There are many difference's from region to region.
Chris.VWThere is a difference in "style" but, the rules should (in principle) be applied equally across all Regions. I've personally either attended or competed in Regions 1,2,13,3,4 and 6. I've attended a practice session in 16
Scott_Sbetween judging and competing, I've been to 11 of NAFAs region. Yes, there are regional difference on how tournaments are handled. Those difference add to the character of each region.
DaleSmithHi folks, sorry I'm a bit late tonight - my son had basketball and it seems I've been traveling a lot lately... I've been playing flyball for about 17 years and judging for about 13 of those. I enjoy traveling to different areas to play and judge. I've been to the majority of NAFA regions, but I don't really keep score. I think there are a number of differences across regions - some are just a matter of style and preference and others are matters of applying the rules consistently - we try to fix the ones where the rules are being applied inconsistently while not enforcing one style on all of NAFA.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveWow, that's like three questions in one! ;-) I know there are vast differences in the regions. And, not having regional lines in front of me, I have raced in St. Louis, Memphis, all parts of Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and mid to southern California. I have good friends in regions back East and their reports of tournaments are so different from the ones I attend out here in the west. I think that my organizational skills and ability to hear both sides of an issue are my best strengths. I also think that my ability to undertake difficult tasks is also a plus. I am available to anyone via email or telephone and I hope that if elected to the Board, people will use that availability to their advantage.
DaleSmithI think I bring a talent for understanding NAFA's history and applying it to make NAFA better in the future and for applying technology to improve our sport and make it more acccessible.
Zachary_ChernikTechnology and creative thinking are two of my strengths.
Scott_SMy strengths are: a strong background in teaching and training, having been to a number of regions it constantly reminds me that all rules we create need to apply equally to all regions, a strong financial background as a small bus. owner.
Chris.VWStrengths & talents. Didn't see that. I'm good with writing and communicating. I have the ability to see both sides of a question. I have a deep sense of "duty" and the need to give back when I feel that I have been given so much. It is hard to describe the deep sense of pleasure and satisfaction that training my dog to play flyball has given me. I want to spread that kind of happiness to everyone who owns a dog
moderatornext question: "colin.bruce: Given the cost involved and time taken to develop the new signature lights what is being done regarding problems with them. Tournaments I have been to have had lots of problems in regards to the alignment going out and ongoing resetting of the lights."
Scott_SThis question is probably best answered by Dale. so, I will defer to him
DaleSmithThe new EJS systems are being run through a scheduled preventative maintenance program. We are addressing problems that are reported but we find out about some problems weeks after they occurred (and sometimes after a few events). Many of the problems come from folks not following the instructions for setup and care. We have a nice setup document as well as a video. The video is not a replacement for the setup doc - however.
Chris.VWIt is my understanding that NAFA purchased the Signature Gear lights with the promise from SG to stand behind their systems. NAFA is working closely with SG to resolve any issues that we have. Key is identifying the exact problems and the sets exhibiting those problems for servicing by Sg.
DaleSmithIf you have a specific issue, please contact Todd Morningstar or myself to ensure that we're aware of it. You can reach either of us directly or via
moderatornext question: scooter.belle: There are some gray areas in the current rules. Interference, aggression and training in the ring come to mind, but I am sure there are others. What are your thoughts on assuring more consistency among judges... both within regions and between regions on some of these gray areas?
DaleSmithThis is something we've struggled with on the Board for many years. We have tried to address it with videos and a better judge's training program. We tried running judge's seminars, but the past implementation didn't work - might be worth another try if some one is willing to run with it. Right now I think videos and discussion of these situations between judge's on our judge's list are the best options with the most immediate effects.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveMaking the rules interpretations more consistent over regions should be a priority. Otherwise, the sport begins to deviate from region to region. I believe that the judges committee has been working on training videos and seminars to help the judges in these areas and I think that this needs to be finalized asap so that all judges can have access to these training tools. I also think that having out of region judges at tournaments helps to ensure more consistency amongst regions as well.
Chris.VWThere are two ways to tackle this. First, we need a clearly worded rule. Second, we need to provide continuous Judge's education. This is an area where we can never be finished with the job. Continuous improvement.
Scott_Sconsistency comes through training and education. Over the last couple of years the judges committee has revamped its new judges training program to ensure the new judges are well trained. The next step is to create a continuing education program for existing judges to ensure all judges are interpreting the rules the same way. One of the items on my agenda is to work on creating this program.
Zachary_ChernikThe trick is to get the judges all on the same playing field. It is going to be it cost....most likely yes....will it take time....most definitely....anything that is subjective will always have issues. How much can we change to black and white from gray....only time will tell. We need more communication/input from a large percentage of flyballers and judges......we have 22 people logged on tonight out of how many......that run in NAFA. We need to find a better way. The judges video was discussed since 2005. What has been posted to date?
moderatornext question: bcsam: As BoD members you have rights to your opinion and you have a responsibility to the organization and the will of the BoD majority. How do you intend to balance you rights versus your responsibilities when you may have been in the minority on an issue decided by the BoD?
Chris.VWI have the right to voice my opinion before a vote. If I vote in the minority, I still have a duty to this organization to honor the will of the majority. It's not just the other 8 members of the Board I'm responsible to. It's the intangible "best interests of flyball". Those interests are protected by the Board because we all represent those interests.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveI understand that my opinion may not always be in the majority and that the Board is looking out for the majority. If I am in the minority on an issue, I will still uphold the decision of the Board. However, I also would like people to know that while I have my own opinions, I am not adverse to changing them when facts and other opinions show me that there may be another viewpoint equally as good or better for the majority of flyballers.
DaleSmithThis was one of the challenging items when I first joined the Board. When we're in a Board meeting, we try to support our view of an issue (based on what we know from personal experience and chatting with our competitors) - we argue, discuss, try to sway others and we listen. Eventually it comes down to a vote - sometimes the majority of the Board sides with you and sometimes you're in the minority. When you leave the meeting, I feel you need to support the decision of the BoD - whether you favored it or not. In a meeting, we're all individuals - outside a meeting we represent the Board of Directors as a whole and we need to honor that.
Zachary_ChernikEach BoD member has the given right to discuss there point of view. Once the BoD has voted on that issue/topic the BoD becomes one voice.
Scott_SPart of the democratic process is that you will not always be part of the majority. However, when decisions are reached you need to do your part in working towards the stated goal regardless of your personal opinions. Otherwise, nothing would ever get done because unless the decision is unanimous, someone is always in the minority and not working.
moderatornext question: colin.bruce: Recently at tournaments we have been made to feel like outcasts because our club runs in both NAFA and another flyball organization. Some of the comments have been made from existing BoD members. Why is it that some BoD have a problem with just letting the two organizations co-exist and accept the fact that people run in both. What would be your opinion and resolve in dealing with this.
Zachary_ChernikThe two organizations exist and neither one is going away. Because of this, NAFA needs to put their best product forward. If we are s-l-o-w to move in a direction that needs our attention, it's our fault, nobody else, not the other venue but us.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveI feel that this probably works both ways. At several NAFA tournaments lately I have heard negative comments geared towards NAFA from teams that compete in both organizations. Unless people are willing to let each venue be what it is, there is going to be strife. I think a lot of it has to do with flyball growing pains. I don't believe that Board members complain more than other competitors. We all need to learn to live and let live and be a little less critical of each other. Flyball is flyball and we all love racing or we wouldn't be competing.
DaleSmithAs a NAFA Board member, I have to be biased. I would prefer you played NAFA flyball above all else. And I would try to make NAFA better so that you would want to just play NAFA flyball because nothing else compared. That being said, I don't believe its necessary to make someone feel outcast or demean them because they play in both (or even in just another organization). My goal is to make NAFA better so you'd want to play in NAFA and host all NAFA events.
Chris.VWI have commented on my blog of the need for both organizations to peacefully co-exist. There are strong opinions on both sides of the aisles but, you cannot let it get to you personally. I do not believe that this is good for flyball in general or for NAFA.
Scott_SI'm really sorry to hear that. Personally, i find that fairly rude and uncalled for. While I can't control the behavior of board members, I can tell you that it is my opinion that both organizations can co-exist. As a member of the Board I don't worry about the other organization. My goal is to promote NAFA flyball and make it the most attractive venue where people would prefer to play there than anywhere else.
DaleSmithI happen to believe that having another organization in flyball makes NAFA stronger - sometimes its good not to be the only game in town. That doesn't mean I want them to succeed, but I think we learn from each other and the sport as a whole benefits.
bcsamThere are two levels to this question. As a player, I have defended the right of any individual to play wherever they choose. But the other level is as BoD members. As BoD members you are running a business and you can't work for one organization and another at the same time. That is a conflict of interest. As the leaders of the business you have to be committed to one group period.
colin.bruceAs teams and individuals there will always be opinion but I would expect more from Board members. It came out in front of all competitors at the captains meeting from a board member putting down the other org and teams that run in both. Comments like that from people representing the board leave a bad taste in peoples mouth.
DaleSmithThat is certainly disappointing. Not behavior I would support as you have characterized it.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveI think that having a Board member making a comment against another venue at a captain's meeting (or any other time) is in extremely poor taste. Perhaps that is something that should be brought to the ED's attention so that it could be curtailed. After all, this is America where we have the freedom to choose - and if you choose to compete in both venues, then that should be respected.
Chris.VWAbsolutely right on Sam! I am committed to NAFA because the NAFA elections IS "about NAFA". What's best for this organization takes priority and my only concern is what's best for NAFA.
bcsamI am sorry to hear anyone putting down another organization. I will defend the right of anyone to play with another organization or even another sport.
DaleSmithAlisa makes a good point. Perhaps you could find someone you trust - the ED or another Board member - where you could address the details and try to prevent future incidents like this one.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveColin, one other thought is - although the BoD member may have put down the other venue, that doesn't mean they were demeaning your team. Perhaps the teams that compete in both venues were just a bit sensitive about it? That said, one's rights to compete where they want should be respected.
colin.brucethat is true but when throughout the course of the event your team was singled out for comments you can't help but take it personally
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveWell, that is more than just comments in the captain's meeting. Hopefully there is someone you trust that you could take the complaints to and get, at the very least, an apology from the perpetrator.
Zachary_ChernikEvery person has the freedom to run where ever and when ever they want to. That was wrong period. We want flyball to grow. I think in the rule book it states about the well-being of flyball, does it not create bad sportsmanship?
colin.bruceWith all that said it will not stop me from competing in NAFA but maybe from competitions hosted by the member's club.
moderatornext question: scooter.belle: In other sports there are renewal "tests" each year to maintain status for judges. A simple mailed in written test to assure that the officials are current on the rules. What are your thoughts on establishing this type of system in NAFA? Maybe sent out some scenario's to each judge each year.. then post the "correct" answers from the rules committee to aid in consistent calls among judges. I'm not saying I'm for or against.. just trying to induce thought.
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveI think that's a very interesting idea; possibly one that should be pursued in the judge's committee. Maybe some actual scenarios that happened during the year might be included...
DaleSmithThis fits into the continuing education the judge's committee is working on. Today, the only ongoing requirement for a judge is that they actively judge a certain number of events. Just judging does not ensure that you're staying current. Not sure a "test" is the answer, but its thinking in the right direction.
Scott_SThis has been discussed by the judges. Prior to creating a re-certification program, the committee needs to create a continuing education program. evaluation without education/training is not fair
Chris.VWI think judges should be tested on a periodic basis. Maybe not every year but, with some regularity. Questions concerning rule changes or new rules should be included. I agree, continuing education and include some actual incidents where a judgment call was needed. All should be part of a continuous improvement program.
Zachary_Chernikmaybe an on-line video and written test. To keep the judges sharp and up to date. I like the idea, maybe it can be combined with the judges on-line training videos.
moderatorOK, with no other questions, we'll go ahead and wrap up tonight. Closing comments from the candidates?
Alisa_-_Heat_WaveThank you everybody for participating. Have fun in the racing lanes and enjoy your competitors. Without each other there wouldn't be this sport we love so much called flyball!
Scott_SThank you all for coming and sharing your thoughts. Hopefully I answered them in a thoughtful way that lets you know what I stand for. Regardless of whether you vote for me, I urge you all to use your delegate ballots and vote. This is your opportunity to impact the sport through choosing your board members.
DaleSmithAs always, I'd like to thank everyone for participating. Its those who take the time to attend these chats and read the transcripts (or participate in other ways) that are involved and make a difference for our sport. Its hard to improve our organization if no one but those on the Board care. Thank you for your thoughtful questions, both here and through out the year. Good racing!
bcsamThanks everyone for their comments and ideas. As we work through this election and on into a new BoD year many of your ideas will be discussed at length. Some will even be put into the system for years to come. All will have started as ideas presented from members to Board. Thanks for taking part.
Chris.VWEverybody, its been great participating in candidate chat. NAFA faces the challenge of growing this sport and expanding it to people who have never played. It also must meet the needs of current competitors who, through their participation, own this organization and care about its future. Should I win election to the NAFA Board, I will work hard to help NAFA meet these challenges. Thank You for your questions and concerns. See you at my blog at Good night!
Zachary_ChernikThanks for attending the last of the chats. I wish that more flyballers could take part but this is start. I hope that I earned your vote for this years election to the BoD. I bring new creative ideas that I know can help NAFA move in the right direction. Thanks again and please use your votes, this is your chance to get ideas and hopes and dreams of improving NAFA.

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