Chat Transcript - NAFA Leadership Chat May 9, 2005

BCSamGood Evening
dgsmithGood evening Sam
BCSamSorry to be late. I was held up at a City Council meeting over zoning.
dgsmithOK, folks, I think we'll get this started (and start the transcript)
dgsmithIf you'd like to ask a question, send a private msg to me by double clicking me up on the left. Wait for your turn and I'll give you the floor.
dgsmithSo far we have lots of people with no questions ;-)
dgsmithOr topics
BCSamThank you all for coming out. There are several new things going on lately. One of which is the new light system that is in the final stages of testing.
BCSamSignature gear is working to make final adjustments to me light and are on the verge of giving to us the first five sets. We look forward to getting these out.
dgsmithEllen, the floor is yours
Ellenjust my usual quickie......NAFA news?
BCSamA NAFA News is being worked on and we try to get out them out with minutes. Should be out this month.
Ellenhow many meetings will this cover?
BCSamActually I don't recall. We met in LA in March and have had one conference call since then.
BCSamA lot of effort has been going into the BSL fight lately.
Ellenok, so at least three of which you are aware.....
Ellenthanks....that's all for that i think
dgsmithOK, Renobeeno is up next with a question on the lights - floor is yours
RenobeenoWhat's unique, special, different, improved with the new lights?
BCSamOK the first thing you will notice is that it provides displays with each set
BCSamIt also give three decimal place times accurately.
BCSamIT also provides negative start splits to show you How early was the start on a false start
BCSamIt is wireless and doesn't clutter the lanes with wires
RenobeenoGreat improvements...I especially like the display.
BCSamIt reaches back and gives a preparatory signal to the start dog. If you can remember we used to have a blue light going off when the button was pushed. There is now an extra light in thesequence
BCSamDale what am I forgetting
dgsmithBetter inidication when a false start is pending in one lane.
BCSamEasier set up and alignment
dgsmithLess of a "window" in which bad passes can occur and not be caught
dgsmithLight tree is based on LEDs so not slow incandescent bulbs
BCSamOne difference is that the lights are brighter but yet can be turned down for indoor use or up for outdoor use
dgsmithComputer interface for those that twiddle with electronic tournament programs
BCSamAnd best of all we are backed up by a compnay that can provide service over a long period of time
BCSamI would love to see a preventative maintenance routine started
BCSamWe need to be putting the lights in for service BEFORE they fail.
BCSamWe haven't been able to do that because Lights were too needed.
BCSamNow we should be able to cycle the lgihts through the manufacturer to check them out on a regular basis to try to stop failures before they get to a tournametn.
BCSamWe have tested the lights at several tournaments and we are going to finish the month testing but 5 are on order pending approval and adjustments.
barbaraFAXare there any pics of the systems floating around yet ?
BCSamI have some proto type pictures
BCSamsend me your address and I will send them to you.
dgsmithI took some phots in Springfield but haven't done anything with them yet. They were in Chelsea last weekend.
RenobeenoAs a lead handler, I'm used to seeing the judge go to push the start button or tell the table to do so...will I still have some "warning" before the lights actually start?
BCSamChelsea is the most recent picture. Mine go back to the AGM
barbaraFAXguess the question would be, where can they be posted ? the flyball list doesn't take attachments
dgsmithYou have a sequence of lights as the "bulbs" are tested and then three yellows followed by a green
dgsmithI'll try to put somehting on the NAFA site.
barbaraFAXgreat !!
BCSamYes. The warning will be a reversal of the sequence.
dgsmithPerhaps I can pursuade one of my elves to craft something.
BCSamSo the lights will in reverse order go on
BCSamThen all will go out. And a ready light will come on at the same interval as the others. So effectively you will have an extra light
BCSamSo now you can say REady, ON your Mark, GEt set then a GO light
BCSamThanks Dale for doing the pictures
BCSamI am pleased with what I have seen
BCSamThe Signature Gear folks have really listened to us and worked with us.
dgsmithOK, next over to LN with a BSL questoin
dgsmithThe floor is yours
Ellenquasi BSL, actually
Ellensam, in surfing the BSL sites (banned aid & dlcc) there is a page on the dlcc with contributors
EllenNAFA isn't listed and I was wondering why
BCSamWe donated to the Banned Aid group. Do they list donations?
BCSamI am not fimiliar with dlcc
Ellenno, but the banned aid site is copyrighted by dlcc, so didn't know how that worked
Ellendog legislation council
Ellenwhich i assume is all-encompassing of dog stuff
Ellenwhile banned aid is the legal end of BSL
BCSamWell I would have to refer to MR check writer to tell you when the check went out. DALE??
Ellenjust thought that if dlcc & banned aid are basically one and same, that nafa should be listed, right?
Ellenjust don't know if they are for sure....and just wondering
BCSamYes they should list us.
Ellenjust for an FYI, dogworth is don't know what they did differently
BCSamSince I don't personally write the checks I can only go on what action was taken. At the AGM before the election we voted to send the money to Band Aid bandaid.....not banned aid!!!!
Ellenthat's the problem....LOL...just kidding
BCSamThe check was given to an Ontario Board Member for delivery. I will check and see what the status is . Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
Ellenbut nafa will be forever known as the org that cares about small wounds.....
Ellenok...that's it for that then
BCSamNow I can see it.....we give out Snoopy Band Aides
dgsmithNext up is BarbaraFAX - floor is yours
barbaraFAXback on lights -- why was the extra yellow light thought to be needed ?? was it the lack of the *blue light* going OFF ?? did Signature have problems incorporating our *blue light* ?? <G>
BCSamWE didn't get blue ( I tried) but the blue light isn't intense enough to be seen well outside.
BCSamSo the color blue lost but we still have the ready lgiht
dgsmithThe blue light on the old systems is meant to indicate the system is ready to the judge.
barbaraFAXgood enough reason to make a change -- eventually they will all be alike (again)
barbaraFAXtrue BUT we all learned to use it as an *alert*
BCSamYes and when it went out, every start person watched
dgsmithWe have some new green LEDs that provide that function on the SG lights but they're not very visible to the start handler
BCSamWhen it left we missed it
dgsmithKind of the same as the black lights now.
barbaraFAXblack ??
barbaraFAXI can't wait to see these things <G>
BCSamWell in the new lights this ready light will be right where the start person is looking
BCSamEasier to see. Along with that is the test sequence that really stands out
dgsmithThe extra yellow also gives us the "chance" someday of considering a 1 second based cadence rather than our current 1.2 second cadence (just because that was the best electronics could do when the verrryyy first lights were designed)
dgsmithAny other questions?
dgsmithGoing once
barbaraFAXSam... want to thank you for coming to Perry
dgsmithGoing twice...
BCSamHey it was a hoot.
BCSamI loved the site and was glad I could come over and visit. I wish I could have stayed the second day but the JUdge wouldn't let me out that long
barbaraFAXwe are already planning next year
BCSamI will try and get a team over to play
BCSamgreat site and you really couldn't ask for more room
barbaraFAXthe weather was perfect... hope we can do THAT again
BCSamFor the record I hd jury duty the morning after
BCSamand had to be back
barbaraFAXI remember
BCSamAgain thanks all of you for coming out.