Chat Transcript - NAFA Leadership Chat May 17, 2005

Lee.HeightonDale, we can probably get started and take some questions now.
dgsmithOK, folks if oyu have a question for the chat tonight, please double click on dgsmith to send a private message - then wait to be given the "floor"
scottNETno questions?
dgsmithNothing yet
Lee.HeightonWe did have a chance to test the new lights at our tournament last weekend. People were very impressed with them.
dgsmithI'll give the floor to jeannie_mapleleaps with a handler responsibility question
jeannie_mapleleapswith the breed legislation and resposnsible ownership being backed by nafa i wonder why there isn't a rule about handler responsibility when dogs cross
jeannie_mapleleapsmaybe i haven't explained myself very well or i've missed a rule that covers this
Lee.HeightonJeannie, how do you mean "handler responsibility" for a dog crossing.
jeannie_mapleleapsthe rule is about writing up the dog
scottNETcould you clarify the question. Dogs that cross aggressively? new dogs? I'm not sure I follow exactly what you mean
toddsegaThere is, it is up to the judge. A dog can be removed if it is not ready to run and is crossing.
jeannie_mapleleapsnot agressively
jeannie_mapleleapsi guess what im trying to say is some handlers should wrote up
kris.pickeringI do think this may be an area for judge's discretion - i.e., to assess whether it's aggressive, an isolated mistake, a hamburger that was irresistable - it is hard to legislate everything, but perhaps I am not understanding the question properly!
scottNETcan I ask, based on what criteria? When you say crossing, are you saying that all crossing regardless of reason is the same?
jeannie_mapleleapssome handlers are blatantly irresponsible
scottNETguess I'm still not fully understanding
toddsegathat write up does not remove the dog from playing as a, or 2 write ups for aggressioon does.
jeannie_mapleleapsnot aggressive at all
jeannie_mapleleapsjust a handler running a dog not ready
scottNETso, you are referring to all crosses regardless of intent?
jeannie_mapleleapsno just blatant irresponsible ones
jeannie_mapleleapswe all make mistakes
toddsegaThis is also hard to answer as not being there, but agin it is left up to the judge.
scottNETOK, you need to define that :-) What makes a cross irresponsible?
jeannie_mapleleapsnot sure i can explain it here
jeannie_mapleleapsand hard to explain
scottNETNot discounting you, just trying to understand. It may be something we need to address, but I need to understand it first
jeannie_mapleleapsother than sportsmanship is there a rule that a judge can write up a handler
Lee.HeightonJeannie, there are many reasons that a handler can be "written up". Do you know if anyone actually approached the handerl in question and suggested that their dog might not be ready to compete.
jeannie_mapleleapsthis is hypothetical
toddsegasounds like there is something that you are trying to get too.
jeannie_mapleleapsi don't have a person or case per say that fits exactly what im asking
jeannie_mapleleapssome dogs cross they are NOT aggressive and they are nice dogs
toddsegathen lets not get into hypothetical questions here.
MarySkyeIs this a open question period
scottNETJeannie, I would be happy to discuss this with you to figure out what you are referring to and whether it is something that should be addressed by the BOD. Please feel free to call or email me
jeannie_mapleleapso.k. thank you
kris.pickeringI understand the question, now, I think: I think it's the fact that there is excusing a dog for aggression and imposing loss of the heat for interference or distraction but apparently not a stated ability to request that a team not run a dog that is not ready and may frighten other dogs without meaning to . . . I think that is in the area of reserved judges discretion but I am would like to be sure that's the question?
jeannie_mapleleapsthats very close kris
jeannie_mapleleapsmy main point is responsible handlers
jeannie_mapleleapsas nafa supports responsible ownership
jeannie_mapleleapsi feel handlers sometimes should be wrote up and not just the dogs
jeannie_mapleleapsmaybe excused for a month or something
dgsmithWhile this discussion continues I have no other questions in the queue at this time
Lee.HeightonThat sounds like a pretty stiff penalty for something that may be better handled by open communication with the "hypothetical" handler.
jeannie_mapleleapsthey would of course get that opportunity
jeannie_mapleleapsill collect my thoughts and send scott an email
dgsmithAny other questions/topics at this time?
dgsmithI'll give the floor to MarySkye with a question
dgsmithMarySkye - could you send your question
MarySkyeIs there any way that NAFA could hire somebody to look after team ownership change, dog ownership change, team captain changes. Our team has been trying since February to have a change to no avail. I understand that it is a volunteer thing but think with a paid employee it could be done so much faster
MarySkyeI know that I am not alone with this question.
Lee.HeightonMary, we have discussed the possibility of a paid employee but NAFA cannot afford one at this time. Please send me your request and I will make sure that the changes are completed. Let me know if you need my email address.
Lee.HeightonMary, we will put this as an agenda item for our next meeting to see if there is a way to streamline the process.
MarySkyeThank you Lee. I have involved Glenn Hamilton who tried to help, I have sent numerous requests to Dale and I believe Sam Ford was notified also. Now the original requests were from the original owner captain so do I have to get him to do it AGAIN. Dale does have the information.
Lee.HeightonNo Mary, we can make sure that it gets taken care of right away.
MarySkyeThank you. I will send to you the request with the information needed. Thanks
dgsmithOK, Lee you mentioned earlier (when very few were on) that the new EJS was used last weekend at your event - any general impressions/comments?
Lee.HeightonThe competitors were very impressed with the new systems. The start handlers did have to adjust a little due to the new lights.
dgsmithDana.Nichols> Dale, I think I saw something that NAFA was going to develop videos or digital files for judge training. Are they going to be available in the near future? What areas are you all planning to cover? It sounds like a good idea.
dgsmithDana.Nichols - the floor is yours
scottNETguess this question is for me
Lee.HeightonDana, the judges committee is taking bids for the videos right now. As soon as the bid is awarded they will start filming the segments. Go ahead Scott
scottNETThe plan is to video a number of segments covering all areas of judging. from setting up the wicket and measuring to calling interference.
Dana.NicholsIt sounds like a great idea. I used to do a lot of horse judging & we practiced on videos. It was pretty helpful.
scottNETTo create ALL the videos, is a multi year project. we are hoping to get initial videos up this year.
Dana.NicholsI'm sure it is a HUGE project.
Dana.NicholsThanks! I think that answered my question.
scottNETTo cover all areas will take a while. Our hope by doing this is to be able to only update videos as the rules are updated and the video is then out of date
dgsmithJoy_BurninRubber> What happened to the paid employee nafa hired last year?
Joy_BurninRubberJust refering back to Mary's question earlier.
Joy_BurninRubberMary asked about hiring a part-time paid employee. I remember that there was someone hired a year or so ago. What happened to that person/position?
scottNETThe employee that NAFA hired resigned in November
Joy_BurninRubberSo what happened to the position? And to the money that was budgeted for it?
scottNETAt this point, Sam has distributed the responsibilities to his other employees. I don't think we can answer for him on whether he plans to hire another employee or not.
Joy_BurninRubberAnd I ask again, what has happened to the money that was budgeted for this position.
kris.pickeringJoy, my understanding is that Sam asked to reallocate this budgeted amount among his other employees as a matter of efficiency - since tonight's session excludes him I am hoping I am not speaking out of turn - he presented this to the board and it was approved at his request.
scottNETI'm going to answer from memory. But, at our meeting in St. Louis, Sam asked for permission to take that money and increase the distribution to his other employees since they have taken on more responsibility
Lee.HeightonSam requested that the money be used to help compensate volunteer employees that were taking over the responsibilities from the hired employee
scottNEThmm....sounds like I remembered correctly. three of the same
kris.pickeringyeah, I was just thinking the same thing . . .
Lee.Heightonme too
Joy_BurninRubberI am trusting that this was to cover expenses incurred.
Lee.HeightonI don't understand your question Joy
scottNETmy memory is to cover expenses incurred and some compensation for their time
Joy_BurninRubberLee, Scott seems to understand.
Joy_BurninRubberOk, I'm done.
scottNETThe money that the volunteers get is not what I would consider a lot and it doesn't how much NAFA relies upon their efforts.
scottNEToops. cover
dgsmithekh> Question - Is there any provision for Regional Directors to be compensated for attending a tournament on their own? ie. no club affiliation, or their club not entered at the event
dgsmithekh - The floo is yours
kris.pickeringThere is not and this is, I know, an area of frustration for the ED and something that I believe needs to be looked at as NAFA moves forward.
kris.pickeringIt asks a great deal of volunteers.
scottNETThis is really a question for Sam, but as an RD, I do know there is no budget line for RD's
ekhOur RD attended an event this past weekend on her own. Primarily to help develop the 'tournament hosting skills' in a new area of our region.
ekhScott, if you are not attending an event with your club do you appoint an RD or do you go it alone?
scottNETThis is something that we may need to address. The current system was based on the fact that most RD's historically attended most events with their teams
kris.pickeringPersonally, I would like to see reimbursement of travel as the host club expense or something for which funds could be allocated and paid, on appropriate application. The RDs role is very important.
scottNETI have normally gone alone, but I've been lucky, my team attends most events
scottNETAs more tournaments occur, it becomes tougher for RD's
dgsmithI'll add BarbaraFAX to the discussion with some related comments
barbaraFAXI thought that was part of an RDs job -- to attend area tourneys etc
scottNETUnlike the days when a region would only have 7-10 tournaments total and everyone attended
ekhDoes a motion have to be made to the board in regards to reinbursement for RD's? Or will one of you propse it at the next Board Meeting?
scottNETthat is part of the job description
barbaraFAXsomething everyone understands then the sign on to that job
barbaraFAXwhen, not then
scottNETI would prefer a motion be sent the BOD.
ekhPart of the Job Description? Sorry I don't follow you Scott
kris.pickeringI believe it would be a proposal from the ED to the Board, really, and that it wouldn't be automatic - it is, as Barbara says, part of the job. I just think there should be provision for reimbursement for unusual circumstances, for example, the circumstance ekh outlined. Or here in Region 6, which is geographically vast, it is really quite difficult.
MelI would think if they're not available and able to attend the majority of scheduled tournaments they should reconsider taking the position
scottNETRD's are NAFA's representative at regional tournaments. It is listed as one of their functions in the Policy manual
barbaraFAXhow does the board feel about RDs appointing *standins* to events they aren't going to with a team ??
dgsmithFor regions with special circumstances or broad expanses, there is also the option of co-RDs
dgsmithTo spread the load a bit
scottNETThe BOD doesn't have a say there. The ED has to approve any acting RD at tournaments that the normal RD can't attend
barbaraFAXjust realized that <G> thanks
Melan appointed RD is always an option in cases where the RD is not attending though, right?
ekhThe event that brought this to mind was 5 hours away, required 2 nights stay in a hotel, the RD doesn't have a club affiliation. AND the event was the 1st one being held in that area of our region. The host club definitely appreciated the RD's commitment to their event, and made use of the RD's knowledge of the sport, NAFA rules, and hosting responsibilities. Not sure that an 'stand it' would have been able to offer as much support
scottNETekh, I tend to agree with you. This is something that I believe you should address with the ED since the RD's are part of his staff
ekhThankyou Scott, I pass that along
dgsmithNo other questions pending at this time...
Lee.HeightonDoes anyone have any other questions for us ?
Lee.HeightonI would like to thank everyone for attending tonight's chat. Please feel free to contact us at any time. I will try to have the date for the next chat posted to the site very soon. Have a great evening.
dgsmithThanks Lee, we'll end the transcript here this evneing
Lee.HeightonThanks Dale, time for me to feed dogs. Talk to eveyone soon.
dgsmithThose who wish to stay are welcome to chat informally - the room is open
kris.pickeringGood night, all. Thanks everyone.