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About Clyde Moore

(excerpt from 1998 article by Judy Hagan)

On March 17, 1998 Clyde Moore, Executive Director of the North American Flyball Association, passed away from a massive heart attack at his home in Prescott, Michigan.

Clyde could be explained as a big teddy bear of a man who looked like Wilford Brimley, and who was always ready to help a team or person out with advice and support. Clyde was involved in Flyball from the very beginning of it in Michigan. Clyde started out on the Flyball team called "The Eliminators" which held one of the first "real" tournaments on Sept. 23, 1984. In January of 1985, the North American Flyball Association was formed. Clyde was elected to the Board of Governors (Directors), and in December of 1993 he was elected Executive Director and had just been reelected to his second term. He had served continuously in some capacity for the past 13 years.

Clyde also owned and ran the first dog to reach 20,000 points with the North American Flyball Association. Onyx, a Doberman Pincher, has the distinction of having the 20,000 point title named after her, called the "The Onyx Award". Unfortunately, due to ongoing health problems, Onyx had to be put down a couple of days after Clyde's death and was buried with her beloved owner. Onyx had obtained over 40,000 points. She started her racing career before the point system was administered by NAFA and would have probably been well over 50,000 if she had gotten points during her entire flyball career.

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