Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months)

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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British Columbia, Canada
200282 Grace Mix Loretta Totten
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Massachusetts, USA
200286 Nixx Boston Terrier Linnea Parker
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Nebraska, USA
200278 Flip Flop Mix Sharon Atkinson
North Carolina, USA
200279 Ace Mix Meaghan Arpe
200280 Diego Mix Wanda Wise
200283 Rey Border Collie Kendra and Jonathan Bescher
200284 Newt Border Collie Anna Almeida
200285 Lokai Border Collie Anna Almeida
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Oregon, USA
200277 Temper Whippet Laci Wentland
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Tennessee, USA
200281 Kira Siberian Husky Virginia Wortman
200287 Sunny Mix Eleanor Nahley
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Washington, USA
200276 Lexi Mix Janelle Barnes

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