Recently Issued CRNs (last 3 months) by Club

CRN Dog Name Breed Owner
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Apupalyptic Flyball
210011 Sam Mix Julia McAloon
210012 René Mix Fiona Harlan
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BC Boomerangs
210023 Lola Mix Joli Jurcak
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Canine Airways
210021 Luna Rat Terrier Denise Hileman
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Dixie Flyers
210018 Astrid American Cocker Spaniel Amanda Carden
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Elusive Flyball
210022 snicket English Cocker Spaniel christine sitbon
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Just Practicing
210020 Havok Mix Sandra Holland
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Mutter Chaos
210015 Evie American Staffordshire Terrier Kya Simpson
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Special Fources
210016 Rue Mix Randy Hunt
Stack Attack
210019 Bliss Border Collie Kelly Shinn
SWAT "Speed With AttiTude"
210017 Fire Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Sharon Tworek
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Westside Woofers
210013 Winston Scottish Terrier Julie Rex
210014 Northern Dancer in Monument Mountai Miniature American/Australian Sheph Kayla Stearns
Woodlawn Woofers
210009 Oreo Mix Sabrina Burleson
210010 Cookie Mix Sabrina Burleson

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